Could it be a coinicidence that lately, anytime I have a guy unfollow me on twitter, some of his followers are a couple of the same people..... Hmmm...... would these, could these people be spreading malicious gossip? I wonder, could they be recommending to some guys, "it's best to stay away from me".......I'd say,.....sure seems plausible, so yeah....."probably", lol. I'd also say, "don't let the door hit you " . Unfortunately in this biz you have to be very aware of who's doing/saying what in this biz, as there are some who are cut throat and scheming in order to get and keep clients, and those who'll stoop to new lows to revenge those they dislike .

  Although I don't take much of what goes on within the social media platforms I use, to seriously, I do try and keep a breast of who is following/unfollowing me. Not because it matters much to me personally, or even for business, but because of the amounts of texts, calls and some dm's I get which often contain foolishness, such as threats, insults, and other stupid stuff that cowards tend to say/send. Some of it I read, some I delete before reading or hearing. Some of it can be entertaining, lol. Whats most entertaining is when some of those who think they're authoring their communications secretly, leave trails which are often easily followed back to social media, and or review board handles, which are then followed back to actual names, lol. Even some blocked callers can be found out. Some aren't as smart as they think they are...... The only people I'd ever consider taking seriously, are those who have the respect to speak to me face to face, even then....... Anyhow, I've decided to take a break from twitter and instagram as I've recently found out about a family members declining health. Some things are more important than me posting pics, retweeting, and wondering who's following or unfollowing me and why.