18 Apr, 2024

We all experience them. Change can be self driven, or change/s can occur naturally. I've recently noticed some changes in myself when it comes to intimacy with clients....There was a time I was needing to be sexually satisfied, in order to have a sense of fulfillment when with a client. Now I find myself wanting to please more than I want to be pleased. I find it almost anxiety producing when a client says "I want you to cum".  I know some clients get turned on by a women orgasming, and when I can't, I feel I've let them down, that I didn't provide them with a satisfactory service. Having a satisfied client is important to me. Yet I do think there are some men who could use a refesher course on what makes women orgasm. As I've experienced some men expecting me to "cum on demand", lol. So many things have to fall into place for women to reach orgasms. I need more than just sexual stimulation. I also need mental stimulation and the ability to relax, to feel comfortable and safe with my partner. My mindset has to be just right. All these things don't always occur, and wanting them to or expecting them to, can also produce anxiety and not an orgasm. So... I now feel a preference to meet with men who prefer being pleasured or who won't be disappointed if I don't orgasm. I no longer mind men who are somewhat selfish in bed. I understand that some guys feel as I do, and get the same thrill satisfying a women, as I do satisfying a man. Those men will probably be better off seeking another escort. Since I'm not one to pretend I'm enjoying myself, or to fake an orgasm. I'd rather be honest and enjoy doing what I know I can do well. Rather than to pretend to orgasm to satisfy those clients who require a woman to orgasm. True intimacy shouldn't involve any pretenses, it should be real, honest and stimulating for all involved. Thanks for understanding:)