Can I practice on you?

19 May, 2024

 Fellatio, penile mouthification, cock sucking, pipe cleaning, knob gobbling, tonsil tickling, pole diving, giving head.....Whatever you call it, I'm longing for more practice. Will you be my willing model?

My love of fellatio is well known with some of my clients. There is nothing I find hotter than making a man harden and squirm as I taunt and tease his cock and balls with my velvet lips, strong tongue and experienced touch.The taste of a clean, freshly showered man is intoxicating to me. I want to fill my throat with every inch of him, and gently suckle his balls while my fingers softly dance over and stroke his perineum. Hands, lips, mouth and tongue, all in erotic concert to create the most stimulating reaction, for my deliciously horny man. The sights and sounds of a horny male are almost as satisfying as an actual orgasm for me. I'll be sure to take my time, stroking, licking, sucking, and driving his stiffness down my silky throat as he moans and encourages me to suck, lick and stroke him more vigorously....until his orgasmic juice splash all over my big juicy tits....