Buyer beware....

19 May, 2024

Most days I go on the net browsing, searching for dogs. Some days I'm certain I'm wanting to adopt, other days I think well maybe it's best for me to remain I thought I'd place an ad seeking a dog and if the right one came along, then I'd consider adopting it. So I palced an ad, and recevied a few disappointing responses, people offer me breeds other than the requested breed in my post.....then yesterday came and I received this response...

quote:Buyer's Name: Yolanda
Buyer's Email: [email protected]
Buyer's Message:

saw your ad, I thought I'd let you know that while I was searching for a full size doberman I almost got sent a min pin!
So check out or email [email protected], he has 13 wk olds, has 2, Riley & Dixie & they are located in St. John's. Sorry, I don't know the price but they are looking for good home & were going to charge us $500 in total to ship to Ontario. Also, even closer to you is [email protected]. He has Daisy & Teddy available. Not sure the age but he's in Halifax! They are $500 each.
Hope this helps you find your new family member!


So I responded to the "Bradley moore gmail" and this was the response I received.....

Quote:Hello Dear,

Thanks for the interested  in regards to our Miniature Pinscher
  Puppies,our family takes great care to make sure all
our Puppies are very socialized and friendly with other pets.They come
with all up to date shots and also seen by our Vet before going to their
new homes.these Puppies are 11 weeks old, CKC registered,Vet checked,
good temperament with kids and other pets.we exercise our  Puppies
regularly and take the  Puppies always for  walks! .all our  Puppies
are raised in the same home and
environment. we have two Puppies available and their names are Teddy and Daisy .

She is home and potty trained.
She does not bark a lot.
She Is friendly with kids and other pets.
She get angry when you shout at her.

He is home and potty trained
He barks more than Daisy  but not to much.
He is also a friend to kids and other pets.
He barks when he sees strangers.

I have some few questions

Are you Familiar with  Miniature Pinscher  puppies?
where are you located?
Do you have a vet doctor?
How old are you?
What is your occupation?
Are you interested in Teddy the male or Daisy the female or both?
How soon do you want the puppy?

My reason for setting these babies for adoption is being that i just
lost my only sister who was the only one who could take good care of
these babies and I've just relocated to a new location and my duty
here is tight up that we even regret bringing the puppies over with
us. So we will very much happy given them out for adoption as soon as
possible to reduce our work load. We are looking for reasonable,
knowledgeable and cautious person who can offer them tenderness,
nursery with lots of love kisses.

Sorry for all the questions but i need to know
the kind of home and environment these Puppies will be going to.

Thanks and Waiting to read from you
  God Bless You


With that email^ was sent two pics.....I goggled the pics and to no surprise they were downloaded pics from the net. So I emailed both the first responder and the second asking questions and of course I received no responses.....People be very careful with ads selling dogs. There are lots of scammers out there and many complaints being filed by those who've been duped by these shady characters......