Being threatened

19 May, 2024

No one should have to experience the type of harassment and vileness this gogofmagog, and others like him, like to put upon some escorts. He thinks it's fine to sit behind his computer under his anonymous handle demeaning and threatening, ( I say threatening, because he posts about how he'll "find a way" to see me, or whomever he chosses, irregardless of us  not wanting his patronage) those he chooses to be his target of the moment. 

In any other business if someone was deemed to be "an unwanted customer", they'd be asked to leave the business, or prevented from entering it, by law. Business owners have a right to reject customers, and if these customers re-enter their premises, or threaten to, they can rely on the police, or a lawyer to take further actions to protect their business on their behalf. It appears that is what my next step will be. None of us, as escorts, should have to feel threatened by some coward on a trashy review board who feels he has the right to see us because as he puts it " he wants to spite fuck us" one escort deserves this type of abuse and no one client has a "right" to see an escort without that escort agreeing to being seen ....The escort gets to decide who their customers are......