Being late....

19 Apr, 2024

Certainly things come up that can upset anyone's best laid plans, but when you are late for a scheduled appointment you've made with an escort, it is beyond rude, to not offer some sort of compensation when you arrive. Any client who doesn't offer a financial apology is inconsiderate and cheap and most likely will not be invited back!!

The couple of times I had to reschedule or wasn't on time, I offered my clients a discounted rate. Being respectful and thoughtful towards another persons time speaks volumes.

Those who visit with me know that if I book a client, I'm probably turning another away, as I'm very low volume and I'm not comfortable seeing clients back to back, even within a few hours. Seldom will I book 2 clients in a day. If I book you at a certain time, then I'm prepared to visit at that time and in doing so, I've willingly put off doing other things and I hate having time wasted, or abused.  you can never get time back, once it's gone it's gone. If you leave me waiting for 30-60 mins because you didn't plan properly, or because your plans became disrupted, best thing you can do is to contact me to let me know and assure me that you'll compensate me for your tardiness, or rebook after you etransfe my fee for the lost appointment. 

Booking an escort is a commitment, and not something you can just forget about. We are running a business and one we take seriously. That is why most of us ask for deposits, and or ID. To stop those who think abusing our time is no big deal. It's harder for them to do so when we know who they are, and have some of their money!!

So to end...if you're running late, politely let your escort know and be prepared to make it up to them by offering extra $$ and all will be forgotten!