Being an escort

13 Jun, 2024

If you want to know why someone is an escort, ask them. Every escort has their own reason/s and needs for becoming a professional companion ( my preferred title). We're all different. The one commonality, and the thing which would make us like the rest of working society, is that we work for a gain, namely a financial one. However, two people doing the same job, will never do that job the same way, nor with the same amibiton or for the same motivation. 

I intially choose this profession as a way to push society's boundaries, I was and always will be a rule breaker. I was also seeking out something which on it's surface, appeared to be, exciting, glamorous, unconventional and daring..I wanted a profession that allowed me to walk to my own beat and which allowed me to express my sexual desires, in my own way......

 Escorting is a profession I've been in and out of over the years, leaving sometimes for months, and sometimes for years. I've left to form relationships, and I've left to try other things. I always came back tho, which proves to me that I and escorting are meant to be...So here I am and here I'll stay.......Although now, I do it for other reasons, and much differently. I've had bad experiences, and great ones over the years, and many that were inbetween. It's taught me many skills, and given me a strong sense of self, and condfidence. It allows me to run my days as I choose and live a lifesyle that suits all my needs. It is still exciting, albeit more predictable...It is titillating and intriguing knowing that I've the opportunity to meet as many sexy gents as I deem necessary, too know that I can make a little $ or alot, that is all up to me, and it's satisfying to know I'm doing something I really like.  It enables me social interaction, without the pressures of conventional dating. I'm happily single and wish to remain so. I've no other professional aspirations so it satifies my financial needs as well. Many of my clients educate and inform me about so many different topics too, some dates leave me with a fountain of information, inspirational advice and  of course, satiated desires:). I also get to travel without travelling. Many of my clients work/travel internationally and hearing about their adventures, allows me to travel without having to leave home, lol. So many positives have come from my years of escorting and some negatives, those too tho, have been teaching moments.... What bothers me the most is having to defend my character from time to time, when someone discovers that I am an escort. Still in 2020, far to many like to perpetuate and believe the myth that escorts are nerdowells, or drug dependant heathens or some other kind of less thans. People like to categorize people....... Believe what you will, I'll assure you tho, escorts are not so different than any other professionals in the sense that we are a mix of good and bad characters. We have educated escorts, and uneducated escorts. Intelligent, and not so intelligent, caring, empathetic and not so, etc, etc. Just as other professions do. The same can be said about the characters of those who patronize us, there is a mix of good and bad. People are people.....Someday I hope the secrecy and shame that some like to surround sex with will no longer exist. Some day I hope that people will realize that how we couple, seek and need sex/intimacy is personal, and should only be defined by the consenting adults seeking it. Lets work towards lifting the stigmas, criminality and misnomers by understanding that individuals differ in many ways and that being different isn't a bad thing.