Are you illiterate or just lazy?

22 Apr, 2024

The title of this blog is usually the response I now give to those who contact me by texting and not  by a phone call. My website and ads all specifically and usually in bold print, request that I be contacted by calling, not by a text, unless we've already met.....speaking with someone is one of the ways I determine *if* I want to meet that person. I find that request is ignored far to often now, too many do not bother to read an ad. Far too many don't care what the escort they're contacting wants, far too many now act like entitled assholes who are either too lazy or who are illiterate and don't understand clear english!!

I get multiple, sometimes dozens of texts daily from those I have not met,  who feel just in contacting me in the way they feel comfortable and not how I've requested. So now if I respond, seldom is it polite and I make no excuses for my rudeness. And why should I!! If you feel it is alright to ignore my request of contact, what else might you ignore when in my presence? Your entitlement is rude, ignoring my request is rude, so you should expect rudeness back. Yet some feel that because they  have "reasons"  circumventing my contact protocol should be forgiven, understood and accepted.I'm supposed to bend my boundaries and coddle these dear little souls apparently. Pictured is but one response from just one of these "types"

NO!! My attitude get what you deserve!!..So..... to all those entitled man babies who's panties get twisted and who then become denigrating hypocrites  because they are ripped into for doing something they know is wrong, grow a set and accept what you get, you've earned the replies!