Another reason to hate zoo's

19 May, 2024

I've often voiced my opinion  of zoo's. I believe they are jails for animals and if you want to have a discussion and tout that they have there place and need, I'll never agree. Sanctuaries are another topic. Zoo's are places where bored people go to gawk at caged animals. It is these animals who in times of natural disasters, wars, or other emergency situations never have a chance, who often suffer horrendously and perish. They can't escape. 

This latest news story (in the link above)  shows just how cruel and decrepit some of those places can be. Animals that are meant to move constantly, to roam, are confined to small cages with unnatural surroundings and climates their species aren't born too.Animals that are naturally social are often secluded. Imagine yourself having to live in one room for the rest of your days. To never experience what comes natural to you. Are we not smart enough to know that we learn little by watching animals housed in what to them is in unnatural surroundings, other than how they become depressed, stressed and other act out in negative and unhealthy behaviors. Are we so in need of entertainment that we've forgotten that they suffer horribly for it....what has happened to humanity......