13 Jun, 2024

This morning I had the pleasure of speaking with another lovely lady in the industry, it's always nice to connect with someone who is professional, real, and not about drama. During our conversation, I was interrupted by a blocked caller. This blocked caller started calling me at 748 am.....and did so 11 times, lol. I did answer his call a couple of times, only to hear this sad reject of a person go into a rage about how I'm old, a mutt, and need to retire, etc, etc, LOL!! I was in such a good mood after speaking with my lady friend that his tirade got me laughing....I mean, the ridiculousness of some man calling up a woman on a blocked number simply to try and insult her with his poor grammar, can only be seen as pathetically funny.....It is always humorous to me when these cowards call. I say cowards, because these losers always hide behind a blocked number. They want to rage, but never have the courage to identify themselves.....they ALWAYS call, and ALWAYS from a blocked number. Never do they have the courage to say what they have to say in person..... and I'll add, these idiots are never young themselves. I know that this goof is linked to some other escort/ their is a group of ladies known to some of us who have nothing better to do than to get their clients and boyfriends involved in their dislike of other ladies. These "ladies" advertise as pros, but their behavior is clearly anything but professional. This industry certainly has it's perks, but it also attracks losers like that guy too......

On a more serious note.... The lovely gent I spent a couple of hours with last night made my whole week. He was so sweet, kind, attractive and memorable. To him, I say, thanks for being one of the great clients.

Update.....  the loser on the blocked number just called again, making it 12 times this morning, lol. Imagine having that the end of the day this" person" had called 16X's, last time at 618 pm. 

update.... Jan10/2023 so far this morning starting at 813 am he has called 3 x's.....he continued calling until 1245 pm...what a loser!!