And this happened....

19 May, 2024

The past few months have been interesting at best....I've had one incident after another pop up that required unplanned spending of significant monies. But how boring would life be if it were always smooth sailing, and what happened, was what was expected to have happened.... It seems without those incidents my life at this time, would be rather boring and uneventful, thanks to this pandemic....I can't travel, go to a movie, eat comfortably at a restaurant, visit friends or relatives, or even casually go shopping without fear of contracting or possibly spreading that virus. And although I now go to the gym, that experience is hampered because of the masking up, all the wiping down, etc, and I understand the need and appreciate my gyms respect to detail regarding safe practices, however it does make working out even less enjoyable. Although I did recently hire a trainer, to learn an exercise routine. At least this might help me learn a few new exercises and change some things about my body that I'd like to improve. Like my calves, abs and back muscles....hopefully in the next couple of months all of those will start showing more defenition. And hopefully in a couple of months I'll be able to take trips outside of Nova Scotia, to show off some of those changes and to visit those I've been missing. Lets hope things change in a positive direction for all of us, sooner than later. Happy Wednesday!!