An interesting perspective...

19 May, 2024

I read a brief interview from a Canadian escort in which she commented about how wrong the media gets our profession. That they either depict us as needing rescuing, or they glamorize sex work in an unrealistic way, as in the movie "Pretty Woman".  Although there is some truth in her opinion, we also have to blame ourselves for creating these views about our work. So perhaps the media hasn't gotten it wrong, but is simply  basing their opinions and views based on what escorts and clients project.....I found it ironic that the person doing the interviewing is a review board operator, and also makes claims that these misconceptions are dangerous, yet takes no responsibility in their part for creating and allowing them to be perpetuated. Those within the escort community often glamorize and condemn many aspects of our profession and some of those glamorizations and condemnations take place on the very board the interview is written, lol, and on other boards as well. Before we can expect people outside of our industry to understand and respect all the aspects of sex work, we, (clients and escorts) have to stop creating polarizing, unrealistic and negative images of it.

Peruse any review board and you'll find a plethora of people making claims about how fabulous escorting is, and how many wealthy clients they have, and trips they take, etc, etc. You'll find that these escorts making these claims are held in esteem and as examples to emulate.  On these boards seeing a certain type of clientele is seen as being reflective of your status. Those who see older (senior) clients are viewed as desparate, old, etc. Those who see blue collar guys, are seen as less successful, or less attractive. Who we see, how many, etc, is often depicted as a sign of  our success or failure at success. Peruse any review board and you'll find many comments about fantastical sexcapades, and how much money they made having them, or make, and how much fun they have having multiple sex partners, and how much sex they need. Seldom will you hear anyone speak out about slow times, or the difficulties faced within the business. Doing so will result in judgements of that person being unpopular, unsuccessful, or is doing something wrong. You'll also read denegrating, judgemental comments about clients and escorts who are of a certain age, or from a certain income bracket. You can find graphic, insulting comments about escorts looks, services, rates, etc. So, how the heck can we expect anyone outside of our industry to respect any of us, or to get it right, when we allow such garbage and exaggerations and untruths, ourselves. 

Before we can expect any other sources to depict our profession with any accuracy, we have to start doing so. If we do not want the media to depict unrealistic glamorizations of our industry, we have to stop idiolizing and praising those small few who attain such a lifestyle. If we want respect from those outside of our industry, we have to start with respecting each other. That means clients and escorts from all walks of life, and of all ages of adulthood. If we want those outside of our industry to stop making assumptions about us, we have to stop creating reasons for them to make those assumptions.