13 Jun, 2024

I've been lucky, at least the past few years. I tend to get only positive comments about my age/looks.....There was a time, in my service days (when I worked for escort services) where you'd here lots of bias towards older escorts, and back then older was thought of as late twenties, early thirties....I'd hear it from other escorts and clients alike., not towards myself).....back then, and in my early twenties, escorting was new  to me and it shocked me how denigrating some would be towards those ladies of a certain age. It was vastly different to todays ways of doing things. Now that I'm a "mature woman" in this biz, I'm grateful for the change of attitudes, and realizations that beauty isn't only seen as being something "youthful". Maturity is a large market, and I might even say, one that may even surpass the younger market. At least from my experience. I suppose the internet has been a key player in this change......Lets face it, a larger audience brings more business and more diverse tastes. There is something and someone for everyone. 

Aging is a great teacher.. although it can wither physical attributes, it can also strengthen more important characteristics. And there are plenty of gentlemen out there who want someone with something more than just physical beauty and youth. Enjoy and celebrate each decade, there is beauty in them all, sometimes it resides where it can't be seen:)

So lets remember that although a twenty something is fabulous and attractive, so are thirty somethings, forty somethings, fifty somethings and so on......Lets continue to be open minded, accepting and less judgemental. It is a better way to be:)