Age bias....

12 Jun, 2024

This blog was prompted by this thread  and because it is something I've experienced most of my escorting career and a topic I have addressed and will again.

Thank you to the lovely Katherine for adding her valued voice to the topic, and for making great points. I miss our conversations.... 

I remember being called old as far back as my late twenties. In this business it is the misassumption that escorts are only as valuable as our physical attributes and our age is only deemed worthy until it hits the "middleness" of life. Once you pass the 40 mark, the innuendos and snarky comments you'll hear from clients, usually review board guys, and other escorts, are frequent. Thankfully I see things for what they are now. When those who want to belittle, or devalue us, they'll strike out and their only ammunition typically is to attack our looks and or age. It is funny when you think about it, as we all age, and just as I'm getting older, so are others. So it only makes sense that I'll always have people my age and older seeking a companion they can relate to. It's no surprise that there are men ( I mention men because that is who I see) who prefer to meet with a woman closer to their age, rather than their daughters, or granddaughters age. Many of these same gentlemen also seek out companions for the companionship and conversation. A date for them encompasses far more than just a roll in the hay. 

It has taken me a lot of years to understand the psychology behind those who name call and put down, based on looks and age. I'm also aware that aging doesn't equate maturity. Sadly there are those over 40 who are often the ones who belittle others because of age and looks. We can assume they do so because they are insecure about their own aging and looks. Age bias will never go away, but lets hope that discussing the topic, and seeing it for what it is, will help make the voices of those who like to promote the bias less audible. 

See age as you will, but remember no matter your age, there will always be those younger than you, and those older, and only the lucky get older....... the alternative isn't as nice, lol.