Advice to heed.....

18 Apr, 2024

There is so much talk now about clients being scammed and escorts needing real information from clients in order to feel safe. The fact is, if you take part in this lifestyle, as either a client or a provider, the chances of your real information being shared is a possibility. Both, client and provider have to be careful who we do business with. But remember, the provider/escort will always have more to lose.....We can screen, we can also be choosy with whom we meet, that still won't guarantee that a person won't go rogue and try and take our life when in our company. You also hear of clients being robbed, and yes sometimes with in lies the difference. As a client, this is a choice....this isn't your livelihood. You get to research a provider to determine their professionalism. Doing so will almost eliminate your chances of anything nefarious happening to you. Most, ( I say most, because with anything/anyone, there are always exceptions) professional escorts won't jeopardize their earning protential, or their reputation by mishandling a clients information or discretion. A professional escort will work to have clients return. Returning clients (regulars) are what keeps any providers income reliable. Professional escorts/providers will have a personal website, a strong social media presence, advertisements on more than one site, and sometimes a presence on review boards, (which if you didn't already know, I detest. But my detest for review boards is another story, I've often told). If you *choose* a provider who has no online presence, other than 1 ad on 1 advertising site, with a few pictures that often are to good to be true, plan on being scammed/robbed, or worse..... Pros put a lot of time and money into their ads/websites/blogs/socials, etc, and we screen!! We ask you questions. Most pros want to meet with those they feel they'll have some compatibility with. Those who are out to scam, won't ask questions, or require any info from you, they'll just invite you to their locale, or will want to come to yours. They won't care who you are or what you do, or why you want to see them. They just want your $$......When we screen our clients, we do so to determine compatibility, and to verify that your real and serious about meeting. And even though we can verify a clients real info,  we can't always determine a clients character, or motive for seeing us, so again, we are always more at risk.

It is never nice to be outed, that is why we all use personas. To protect our true indentities. But being outed, will never be as bad as being physically assaulted, raped, or mudered. I can say this out of experience....I've been outed, more than once....and find it funny now that people still think telling people my real name, or anything else about me, as being a big deal, or will result in anything...Once people know, they know, lol. My only concern for protecting my identity in the past was to protect family members. But that is no longer something I worry about either. However I understand for married/partnered clients, being outed is a serious worry as it could potentially ruin their relationships, and possibly their careers. Which I hope will never happen. But when anyone steps out on anyone, risks are inherent and taking those is a choice for a client. Providers aren't always able to choose, as escorting for many is their only way of surviving, paying bills, and or for being their livelihood. For clients, it's a choice, a luxurious treat, and not a need.

So.... for either client or provider, I'd say if you've a lot to lose, if being found out could destroy your life, opt out of this profession/lifestyle. If you feel you can't trust the person you've chosen to do business with, then don't. Chose someone else, or don't partake at all. But the reality is, especially in these times, being found out is a possibility. Even when you protect all your bases. Welive in a world where there are cyber stalkers, and nefarious people who sell info. And that info is gotten in many different ways. I believe just being online in the most innocent of ways now puts anyone in jeopardy of being located, outed, or used.... in the end, we all have to weigh what we're willing to lose or gain for the transctions and actions we take part in. Just be careful and be safe.