14 Jul, 2024

There is a thread on twitter   talking about the Nordic model, and how many swedish prostitutes want it implemented   ---- Swedish sex trade survivors back international campaign for the Nordic Model via

In the twitter thread and in the linked article it is "statistically" said that most prostitutes have a history of poverty, sexual abuse, or both, and that engaging in prostitution had caused many of them to have PTSD. ....So they believe criminalizing our clients, (which is the basis of the Nordic model) will heal those suffering, and will lower those statisitcs??!! I believe that the issues for "many" aren't the act of prostituting, they are born by sexual abuse, and from poverty. Not the profession/s those who suffer them, choose. There are many professions which employ people with histories of abuse, poverty and other issues..... Decriminalize prostitution/escorting and you'll strengthen many involved in it. Thus giving power to also help rid our industry of it's varied internal issues. Address poverty, sexual abuse, and other abuses and you'll help heal society.
I'll never understand how criminalizing our clients, us, or our profession in general, will do anything other than further traumatize those needing help, and protect those with nefarious intentions within our industry. As it stands, in Canada, we can sell, but those who buy can be criminally charged. This only subjects the sellers to further dangers as it makes our clients reluctant to screen, and causes many other safety issues for us. 
If society was taught that escorts were providers of a service and not immoral peons that too would bring great and positive change for many. If the police treated our complaints with the same urgency and sensitivity as those coming from "regular Joes & Janes", that too would help bring positive change. Wiping out our industry, won't cure those who suffer poverty, or sexual abuse. Wiping out our industry won't cure PTSD....Think more compassionately, more progressively, and more logically, if you truly want to heal people and bring about positive change. The issues here aren't prostitution, the issues are poverty, and abuse....address those and you'll heal many.