A no review policy....

Taking up a no review policy is something I've been considering for a while now, I've now decided it's the right time to enact it.

 Over the years I've amassed quite a number of recomendations/reviews from some lovely gentlemen under my names cristycures/cristylonglegs and CristyMature.  I'm very grateful to those gentlemen for taking the time to post them. I was taught to hold the belief that I needed reviews to be a successful and known escort. I've also commented to other escorts that having reco's and reviews can increase ones business, but this is something I've rethought. As an ardent criticizer of review boards, it just doesn't make sense to accept them anymore. I've been a hypocrite on this subject for far to long. I can't continue to criticize the boards, then expect to be reviewed, or reco'ed on them ....I am also confident now in my assumptions that having them or not, makes no difference, in  being successful and known. Many, many clients aren't even aware of review boards, and when asked if they'd join or post on one, of those asked, none would want to participate on them, in any way. 

As much as I've commented over the years that boards can help those just starting out as an escort or client, I've also swayed my opinion on that. Since anyone can now use social media or an internet search to find out all they need about any escort and also about the escort industry as a whole. I feel "newbies" and anyone who  relies soley on boards, board rules, beliefs, comments, how to's, etc, can be lead astray by biased and dated info. They may be still prove to be beneficial as an advertising tool for some escorts, but that I can't attest to.

I've always held the position that intimacy should be kept intimate....and yes I've been hypocritical about this too, since in the past I've encouraged some clients to write a reco, or review, should they have felt one was warranted. I'll also admit that after a client had written one, upon reading some, as positive and lovely as they are, some left me feeling uncomfortable. I was uncomfortable with the whole concept of other people knowing who I had met, what I did or didn't do with that client, how well I performed, looked, etc, etc. Adults needing feed back as to whether or not someone is worth seeing, just seems unprofessional, childish and inappropriate to me now. 

But don't let my choice or opinions  sway yours....we all have different requirements and comfort levels. Just make sure who you choose to see is the the right choice for you, and whatever tools you require to make that choice should be availble to you and your right to use.

 I've always  preferred meeting those gentlemen who choose to see me not because of the opinions of others, but because of the things my posts, tweets, blogs, etc, project to them, the feelings my pictures stir within them, and of course the compatibility our conversation/s instill.  Quite frankly,  I'm very attracted to men who can make up their own minds without wanting and or needing the help of others to justify their choices .

Some tips to help you find information on any escort to help with your dating decisions..... Simply google the escorts name and or number, and or the city you're in  ( ex: Halifax/Toronto/Moncton escorts), then cross reference their ads,( most reputable and safe escorts advertise on many different sites) tineye, or google image search their pics, **read their websites**.......websites are wonderful tools for answering most questions.......look at their social media accounts, lastly, but most importantly, have a conversation with that person!! And please, contact him or her, they, or them, in the way that the person/s requests, NOT the way that is most convenient for you.... and upon contact introduce yourself professionally and politely. We all respect manners.....These simple steps will help ensure you meet the person that is right for you:)

So please now know, after meeting..... lets keep it just between us......thanks!!