13 Jun, 2024

Apparently the circus is in town as I've a clown contacting me by calling and texting me at 746 am to ask if I am the same person as another advertised lady....This other advertised lady has a totally different look than I a different phone number, much lower rates, and different advertising  style, yet this idiot asks if we're the same person........I replied because I was awake getting ready for a client, my reply was curt and sarcastic, I asked what kind of drugs he was on...his reply was  "that he didn't want to get a rude 65 yr old cunt mixed up with an older quality lady, and because of my answer, he knew which one I was" I wish these clowns would get my age right, and realize that insulting my age, or my looks is as unoriginal and childish as it gets. And if any guy contacts me outside of my clearly advertised howrs, with such stupidity, he should expect  that my reply, if I give one, will be anything but  polite. When you show me your entitlement, your stupidity, your disregard for anything I post, EXPECT me to give you just what you deserve!! Happy Saturday, lol.