You're an asshole client

Doing any of these will make you an asshole client.....

If you're the type of client who mentions anything about another escort you've seen to an escort you're visiting, you're an asshole client. Never mention another escorts locale, services, etc. Discretion should be afforded to escorts as well as clients!!!

If you ask your escort personal questions without being invited to, you're an asshole client, you're also nosey!

If you compare one escort to another, to judge their worth, you're an asshole client. We're all different, we all have value, regardless of your opinion.

If you ask for services that were not offered or agreed upon prior, while in a session, then you're an asshole client

If you contact an escort and ask the escort for information that is clearly posted in their ads/websites or social media. You're an asshole client! You're also lazy. Read our ads/websites/social media. READ!!! There, we post our rates/schedules and most other pertinent information needed. There is nothing more annoying to any escort than some dummy texting/calling/emailing, saying "hey, how much"....... "you available", etc, etc........

If you are a client opposed to providing your ID or a deposit, yet you contact an escort who clearly posts that they require one, the other, or both, then you're an asshole client.....

If you rant on and on about your escorts looks, such as asking about their boob job, or make up, hair style, or anything else that isn't your business, you're an asshole client. Having tact is a sign of maturity, and respect. If you've none, you need to get some unless you enjoy looking and sounding like an asshole client!!

If you brag about your income, material possessions, job title, car, etc, to impress your escort, you're an asshole client. Bragging is ugly, and doing so will make the most attractive man, unattractive. Besides, what difference do you think any of that stuff will make? It's all irrelevant unless you plan on leaving it to one of us in your will!

If you constantly *complain about not being able to get a hard on, for the second or third time, or because you came to fast, within a session, you're an asshole client. Enjoy the moment. If you have one orgasm, enjoy it and be grateful for having one. Having multiple is fun and fantastic, but they don't always happen, nor can lasting any amount of time ever be guaranteed. Escorts are not sexual magicians, you control your body, we don't, we can only assist. And complaining, or whining about your inabilities, and or blaming your escort for not making it happen again, is just immature and annoying. Companionship isn't just about how many times you cum, or how long you can last or get to bang...if you're  type of client, who thinks companionship is just about sex, look elsewhere, please don't contact me.

If you argue an escorts fee/rate, you're an asshole client.

If you complain on a review board about escorts raising their rates, you're an asshole client. It's not only your dicks that need to raise, our rates have to also. We have a right to keep up with the economy.

If you show up late, and leave late, without tipping your escort, you're an asshole client.

If you leave the escorts bathroom or incall in disarray, you're an asshole client. How you treat an escorts incall speaks volume to how much you respect yourself, and that escort.

If you book a session and cancel without giving that escort any $$, you're an asshole client. Booking an escort is a commitment, and regardless of why you cancel, that commitment needs to be honored either by showing up or by making the escort whole financially.

If you talk about, or brag about the intimacies you've shared with an escort, you're an asshole client. Discretion should be assured. If you expect it, then you should honor the escorts right to it as well.

If you think  because you've paid a certain fee, you've bought the rights to that escorts body, you're wrong, and thinking that way, makes you an asshole client.

If you want to be thought of as a good client, book us/contact us in the ways we request, show up on time, pay what we ask without argument, be hygienic, respectful, discreet, and if you can afford to, tip, and then leave on time.....Doing those things will make you memorable, and win you an invitation back.