You never know....

I was saddened and surprised to read the other day on twitter, a known, and who I think is a  physically stunning escort, recanting her experience about being berated by a client she had recently seen and how that left her feeling. During her emotional and forthright posts, another escort chimed in to insult her further.The most egregious act any escort can commit, imo, is to be so unfeeling, that they do nothing to empathize with the situation, but pile on to add insult to injury. Something that happens far to often, especially around here.....This stunning escort was so openly and honestly candid it was heartbreaking. I was surprised and caught off guard by all of it. Surprised because this escort imo, appeared to me to be one of the most confident, perfect, and certainly one of the sexiest in the business. Back when I was researching where and how to advertise online as an escort, in 2011, her profile and website would always appear in my searches. I was awestruck by her beauty, professionalism and admired her popularity. To hear now that she admitted to be suffering from body dysmorphia, came as a great surprise. I thought how could someone so seemingly perfect think they're not....It just goes to show that we never know what someone is going through, or feeling, just by seeing them, or by reading their posts, or  by what others have to say about them....And to think that a man would berate her because he felt she wasn't as she represented herself, or not to his liking, angered me, and proved to me that there is no pleasing some. Many of us in this biz receive vicious comments from clients/want to be clients, from time to time. Her recant was proof that no one is immune to any of it.

 There are awful people out there, and some of them get off on berating whomever they can. Most are cowardly and do it online, whilst hiding behind an anonymous handle, and a small few will make themselves known.....  I can assure you, from my personal experiences, any of those who've hurled insults my way, and I'm sure, towards others too, are never those gifted with good looks, and seldom, even intelligence. It seems what people hate about themselves, they'll hate about someone else..... Kind people, people who are happy, and who have humanity, just don't go out of their way to berate anyone, especially because of the way they look. So always, when negativity comes your way, look to the source, never allow the negativity to cause you to question your self-worth.