You can help....

I'm asking some of you to take some time and join twitter. It's an easy platform to use and just as easy to join. All you need is the internet, and an email. You can make your account private or public. You can use your account anonymously or with your real name, that is your choice. 

I am asking some of you to join to benefit shelter dogs. There are so many in the USA who are killed just hours after intake, because of the high volume of dogs turned in. On twitter you can follow some of those shelters/accounts and retweet their ads for dogs in need of homes. Retweeting gets those dogs more visibility and a better chance of being homed, instead of being euthanized. And believe me the euthanization isn't a painless process for many, as some shelters are still gasing their dogs. In that process they dump a dozen or so dogs in a metal drum and turn on the gas, the dogs choke to death, the lucky ones die before they are dumped into a garbage truck and  taken is one of the most painful ways to kill an animal. Some shelters also use the needle, but not in the way your pet is euthanized at the vet, when it's time. They jab the needle directly into their heart, again, very painful, and often, not a quick death. So please, take a moment to sign up. Then seek out shelter dogs ads, and retweet them. You just might save a life!! Thanks for your help!!


As a side note, if you're on twitter you can also see many of the escort ads also, world wide. Just beware that those who follow you,can see who you are following. So if you have a personal account, those who are your friends/followers will see that you follow escorts. However if you join twitter under a pseudonym, then who you follow won't matter.