Why compare?

Ugh, every now and then some guy will come along that one might assume wasn't mothered properly, or,  who was dropped on his head, one to many times....One could easily assume this by his inarticulateness or his lack of understanding the obvious, to which he feels the need to share publicly. In this category I put those guys who think that all escorts are the same. They compare us like they would apples in a bushel. Blondes, brunnetts, redheads, and breast sizes are the only differences they might see, if they see any......and yes often times these types are board members ( on escort review boards). They'll tell another guy "go see so and so" "she is much hotter than so and so". Yet the age difference between the two ladies may span 10 too 20 + years. They fail to realize that comparing ladies in their 20's to those of us in our 30's,40's and above is unfair and foolish. Of course there will always be exceptions to this, as there are many older ladies that could be considered younger, or hotter, than some 20 somethings, and some 20 somethings who might be mistaken for being much older,, or less hot. Yet, most realize that our physical bodies, even with care, go through changes with each passing decade.sometimes those changes are significant, sometimes, not. Even identical twins, have physical differences..... So to those twat waffles, who fail to understand this, and who feel it right to catagorize us as either hot or not, I feel bad for your lack of perception, your lack of maturity, and I thank you for doing my screening for me:)