Well well looky here.......


I feel bad for Athena, since she had only good intentions by nominating me, and had to find out about the discord I've had with the site lyla, in doing so. I will say if Athena (@lust_athena ) thinks I'm a good person, that is enough for me. and *her* nominating me, made my day...for those who don't know of AthenaLust, reach out on twiitter. The escort community is better for having her in it, and she is someone to know. Her kindness, thoughtfulness and unbiased interactions are unrivaled. May I also say thank you to Katherine for once again standing up for me. I've come to know her and she is one of the kindest, most generous people in the industry. She has her faults, as do I, well I probably have more.... but, she would help anyone in need if asked and should be respected for her experience, and willingness to guide or help anyone. Her dedication to her clients is also amazing and unrivaled. Those who book her should be grateful she accepts you. To Romingguy....well It seems I'll have to unblock him on twitter, lol, maybe he's not quite as biased as I once thought. We've had a couple of run ins in the past on lyla, when I was a member, but all in all I think he's a good soul, with good intentions. Green teal, don't know him but his advice about  how I post/comment and not naming names is foolish.  He feels me naming names in my posts is inappropriate and wrong, all while he continually posts about who does what, when and where on a review board, which names who does what, when and where.......LOL!! Am I the only one who sees the hypocrisy in that!! If he wants to be hypocritical and passive aggressive that is his choice. If I have a point to make or take issue with someone I'm going to name them and speak candidly. That is my choice and my right. Some advice for him...maybe  he should take a break from giving everyone advice,  since he doesn't know it all and  it's evident that his constant responses to every post gets on the nerves of many. To Icefor fun, interesting how he jumped in on that thread after such a long absence, with his passive aggressive comment. Apparently Caerf and his other nom de plume, Robertson, isn't getting anymore attention so he came back to lyla., lol. Maybe he'll head back to Halifax too and book multiple ladies again, all while paying just one or two, then aggressively promote the one or two he paid, and who put up with his crap........yeah, isn't lyla lucky to have him back.....(big eye roll)!! And lastly, Lydiahardwood, lol, you are right, Lydia, I've been consistent in my writings about lyla, consisitently negative, because your site has been consistently negative to me over my years of escorting and consistently negative to the escort industry as a whole..Your site has been cionsistent in it's support of members who have biased feelings towards other members, which in turn promotes whorearchy, favortism and other issues. you and your site consistently allow certain male members to speak for escorts. No "client" should be able to comment on where we should advertise, how much we should charge, what services we should provide, or how we should provide them, etc, etc. No matter how veiled their comments are. Your site promotes  misinformation about std's/sti's and the acronyms we use, and an unreal /filtered version of this industry.  You consistently allow members who show their true colors on others sites, shaming and demeaning escorts, to return to yours to post prolificly using the other side of their personalities, without consequence. Which just encourages their agenda's and deviseness on those other sites and trouble for the escorts they take issue with.  If you and your site truly cared about bettering the industry you'd take issue with that behavior.....You then ask my name not to be mentioned so the thread doesn't turn gossipy, lol, when your site is fed by gossip and rumors, just as was my eviction from your site, lol!!! You are right Lydia, I'm not interested in re-joining, nor will I be reaching out. I did once...you never reached back....and I reached out intially thinking that as an escort I couldn't survive without being able to advertise on your review board, back when Backpages was taken down. In 2018, I panicked...and reached out to the new owner, and later on to you....The new owner, or whoever was first posting on twitter, thought that I should be allowed to advertise on lyla again, but later sent me a messge back saying that my re-joining would upset to many, lol, and mentioned to try again later, which reluctantly I did to you on twitter and again, you never got back to me. So, yes,  I'm happy to not be a member. I'm happy to be indfependent in that way, and I'm happy to be consistent now with my belief that review boards do nothing to promote this industry and, are consistently hypocritical, consistently biased, consistently filled with misinformation, gossip, ageism and favortism. Their only good seems to be a source of employment for you and those who work with you. So please send thank yous to all who've kept me away, you've all done me a  huge favor, although I know that was'tt the goal, lol. As the infamous Catherine St. Claire once said on your site, the amount of clients who do not bother with review sites far out number those who  rely on them and are  members....and to that I can attest, is truth, lol. 

 And btw... the reason I was banned was because of a blog post I had made in which I had named some of lyla's prolicfic posters from back then (2011-2015) and what I though of them, lol. Apparently, and has been consistent on that site, certain members can berate or comment to certain members without prejudice, or penalty, however if someone like myself does the same, it's not tolerated, lol. I also got infractions for posting pics that microscopically showed a glimpse of my pussy lip, and for other follish reasons....again, the mods/owners back then had an agenda and favorite members.....I'll let you guess who they are, lol!!