Yesterday was so much fun on twitter. So many ladies from afar sending out positive vibes and following back. I will admit I probably spend to much time on there, especially ranting about Trump. But we all have "our things" which entertain us, and one of mine seems to be twitter. I like how easy it is to use and how far reaching it is. It's also a platform that doesn't hold any bias and you can easily ignore and block all the trolls who's goal in life is to make another person's life as miserable as there own. 

Twitter is also a great place for any man to research an escort he might be interested in meeting. Most escorts on twitter post more explicit pictures than they might elsewhere, we also tweet and talk about a variety of topics, which gives you more insight into our personalities, which is great for those gents looking to meet someone they have some compatibility with. It's discreet, you can join without revealing your true identity, you can also control who can follow you, by having a locked/private account. You can also have more than one account. That is to much for me, but for those who want to meet escorts, it might be benefiicial. Having one as your discreet account and the other representing your day to day life. Either way, that is a choice every person can make. You can find just about anything on there, since it's used by many businesses as an advertising platform too. Interesting topics, politics, environmental news, etc, etc. So if you're not already there, take a look, it just might become one of your new and enjoyable pastimes. Tweet you later:)