Those who claim to be #1

Be careful of those who promote themselves as being the best, #1, or better than, as often it's these types who'll stoop to the lowest levels to gain that perceived position. They're desperate for attention, and in need of acknowledgement and will do anything to gain notoriety. They'll also try to destroy anyone who threatens their position or who knows their true colors. Of course, like with anything, there are exceptions, not everyone promoting themselves in such a way, has malicious intents, nor are despicable human beings. Yet this one person, who pops in and out of the business, fits my description to a T!! She is a review board member, of course, as those boards seem to cater to such personalities. She thinks of herself as being "truly sweet", uses every adjective to describe herself that is known to be complimentary, lol, and has often copied many of my words. She even had the audacity, at one time, to claim that the expression "quality over quantity" was coined by her...imagine, lol!

So, three years ago I was doing quite well and had been quietly living in an upscale neighbourhood, in a condo building. Apparently knowing that ruffled the feathers of this spiteful, retaliatory person. As evidence of my escorting was gathered and handed over to the condo board, which ruled over the building I was renting a condo in. I don't often speak of this, but today for some reason, brought back the memory....I had lived in that condo for over a decade, and even though I disliked some things about living there, I had planned on staying, at least until my dog had passed. But that was cut short because of my outing. And in truth, I could have stayed, but because of people knowing my business, remaining there became uncomfortable, so I chose to leave. In the end it was a good decision. I'm now in a larger, more comfortable, and much more private locale, albeit, in a lesser neighbourhood. I've come to realize that no matter where I choose to live, as a renter, my home will never be a permanent one and not because of spiteful individuals such as her, but because of my desire for change. I'm also aware that as long as I do well, there will be someone angered by that, and on the look out to do whatever they can to try and change lifestyle. This same person worked hard, with a few others, to have me removed from the local review board, back in 2015, so her spite is long lasting and I suspect will surface again, lol.....I smile when I think about all this, as it just shows how much of a threat I am to her, and apparently a few others as .....I believe that some people can't stand to see an escort thrive, especially an escort who actually enjoys escorting. So many in this business promote themselves as loving what they do, yet in truth, they hate everything about it. Wouldn't it be nice if those people could find their peace, and allow others to live in theirs?