This blog is dedicated to all the idiots, losers and so on....who have a need to text their foolishness

I'm dedicating this page to all those idiots who've nothing better to do then to text their stupidity, hate, and nonsense to me....these cowards, and I say cowards, because most idiots that do this, do so, (text), because they've neither the courage, to allow you to hear their voice, nor to know their identity. And I'm sure most of these wimps will also disconnect their disposable cowardly app numbers after knowing they've been published.....

Todays (May29/2020) idiot text is from 902-920-4724 he or she text me with numerous HAHAHA's saying my rates were it's either some idiot who can't afford my rates, or a lady who can't charge my or the other, either way, an idiot!.....

(an after thought)....It is curious how some find it necessary to make comments to a stranger, they either find priced to high, or who doesn't meet their standards, or priced to low, etc, etc. It is akin to someone going to/calling/texting, lets say..... a chocolate store, to tell them you don't like chocolate, or that chocolate is to expensive, or that you're allergic to it, etc...........Normal people don't go out of their way to make comments like these. If you aren't interested in someone or something, then avoid it/them and move on...contacting them to voice your stupidity doesn't harm them, it makes you look pathetic and petty........

Today's idiots-Monday June 1  613--912-2802 


Tuesday June 2nd  902-402-8028

Tuesday June 2nd 902-579-9984

Wedbesday June 3-called 6 times between 226 am-4am then text at 4 am "U good"

June 3 (female) 902-789-4998

June 3 -902-304-9036


June 19-902-322-3017

June 23-902-217-3347

June 24-902-441-5931

June 30- 902-400-3482

July 16- 902-970-5056

July 23-902-537-2378