Things that annoy me....

Especially people who've a need to prattle on about how educated they are. Imo, those who do this are insecure about their societal status and therefore have a need to let anyone within ear or eyeshot know what they've studied. People who also brag about their incomes, or anything else they have, are the same.....

Smokers....if you enjoy it, that is your right. However, it isn't your right to include me in your enjoyment. Take your bad habit to where you won't affect anyone who doesn't smoke.

Loud music.... I love music, my tastes in it are ecletic and range from rock, to rap, to big band...and so on. I don't need to hear yours, though. If you enjoy music, do so, but please be mindful, not everyone near your listening space needs to hear your music anymore than they need to hear mine.

Messiness.....I am very clean, and exceptionally tidy. I don't expect people to be as anal about cleaning as I am. I do think that keeping your property tidy is a sign of showing your neighbors kinship and respect. I dislike anyone who doesn't take reasonable care of their property and home. Leaving garbage strewn about, lawn unmowed, weeds unkept, etc, is unnecessary and thoughtless to those who live nearby. Even the poorest of people can be clean and tidy.

Stupid pet owners.....Dog owners who don't pick up after their dogs and cat owners who think letting them roam freely is just and normal. Shake your heads idiots, it isn't normal, nor just. How would you like your yard, or entry way was used as a daily litterbox. How would you like to see dead birds or rodents on your doorstep daily....Cats can be leash trained just as dogs can be. They can also easily adjust to living indoors, or on a lead in a yard.

There are other things....but those are a few that top my list, lol. Have a happy day and may it be one without annoyances:)