Their logic is illogical....

Does it ever make you scratch your head when some guy will believe what a stranger to him says about an escort he is wanting to meet, yet he won't trust that same escort enough to screen( provide details about himself) for her? Does it ever make you wonder how those who say they practice discretion yet also promote reviews, can do both without compromising discretion? Is it logical to expect discretion from a person, then accept them openly writing about the intimacy you've shared? Can an escort be consistent with each client and also be considered authentic? Is it logical to expect that a truly authentic experience will occur from one to another. For it to happen, chemistry, compatibility,  moods, and the stars have to align and when that happens it can't be replicated. So to review that experience isn't beneficial to anyone, as it's not going to happen like that for anyone else. Writing about such an experience only offers fodder for the soft porn addicts, not helpful information for those requiring, or wanting it.

The logic behind the premise of review boards and reviews, has never made sense to me, nor does that of some of the board members. The very existence of reviews belies any concept of discretion and only promotes those who are "of the moment", and are not of any benefit to the escort industry as a whole. Seldom do you read reviews of an escort who is years into her career. In the first couple of years of an escort's career is the time when the escort will receive lots of reviews, but the longer an escort escorts, the fewer the reviews will become. For some reason, that wonderful escort who was once new on the scene, is no longer the wonderment once claimed to be.....and have you ever noticed on these boards, that the clients never age, yet the escorts all get old, lol. By that I mean, the boards all have their group of the same guys reviewing, posting, commenting, decade after decade, and their boards will be supportive towards them. Yet when you have escorts having the same lengthy memberships, they're often ridiculed for being old, or told it's time to retire and seldom shown support by the boards they remain on, as their popularity wanes.

Another illogical and common practice on review boards is when their client members comment about how untrustworthy escorts are who advertise with stock pictures, text app numbers, or numbers with another provinces/countries exchange, and vague personal descriptions. Yet these same clients expect the escorts they want to visit to accept the same type of vague information (a board handle, with no picture and a text app number) from them when screening........ The more you decipher review boards, their premise, and many of their members ideas of the industry, the more illogical and unnecessary they appear.