That Stripper....

When I awoke this morning, I turned on my tv, as it was still to early to get out of bed... The Trevor Noah show was on. I was about to turn the channel when I overheard him start condescendingly commenting about "some stripper"(his wording). He was so condescending, he was so sure that if a stripper was recommending something, or involved in something, that it wasn't to be taken seriously, after all she is a "stripper".

 Why the attitude, I wondered, why the condescention? Then I realized, this is how many feel, so why not the attitude. It is how a lot of people think and it is those same feelings shared about those of us within my profession/industry.

 We're often referred to as "whores", "hookers", "prostitutes", especially when spoken about with disdain. Seldom are we referred to  as "companions", "escorts", or "courtesans". names or titles that can garner more respect. But I still wonder why...why in this age do so many still believe that a person is worthy or unworthy based on the job title they carry. Is society truly that shallow and misinformed? Do people really believe that grounded, intelligent people don't pick occupations that involve the sex trade? Really? It saddens me to answer my own quiestion. I know the answer...... because I've expereinced the stigma, the reactions, and time and time again. Often times, from those within my own industry. I've had clients who contact me for service turn vile in their communications and start insulting me by calling me a whore, dirty, or an over used cunt and other derogatory names. I've also listened to other escorts demean those whom they thought weren't at their "level". So I can assume....if many within this industry condemn it and their peers, how can anyone expect those outside of it to show us respect.

So what will bring change........ how we raise and educate our children, changing our religious/moralistic beliefs, rethinking what we value.....whatever is needed to bring change, I'm not sure. I do know, there needs to be change, more understanding and more acceptance towards our industry. We need to teach that there is primary value in a persons character, and stop putting so much value on a persons title or trade. We need to stand up to those who demean us, who stigmatize us because of our titles/jobs/professions, and we need to be better representatives of what our industry/jobs entails. If you sell it be proud to, if you buy it be proud to. We all make choices, first and foremost, we all should want to choose to be kind and accepting.

So do you ever wonder why I chose it.....well it is a longer story than I care to put here, but as a single women, with a healthy drive, love of men, need of an income, why wouldn't I choose it ? Until next time....and please remember, when you meet someone keep an open mind, listen to their words, look to their character, and see how they treat others, then make your decision....are they worth knowing or not. Stay happy:)