Thanksgiving 2019...

I'm especially thankful this thanksgiving as I've been graced with getting to spend more time with my beloved dog. She had another close call a couple of weeks ago, and had me worried that she wasn't going to see another day. I'm also vey thankful to all those who have crossed my doorway and shared some fun times with me. Thank you for the respect you've shown me, the return visits, your compassion and tenderness, and for being wonderful lovers. I'm also thankful to those who aren't afraid to show me their true colors, by displaying and voicing their hatefulness and spite. Without your actions, I'd not know who to avoid:) I'm thankful to have enough to eat, a comfortable, clean place to sleep, and caring friends and relatives.

I hope you too have many things to be thankful for. I wish you and yours a very peaceful, enjoyable, fun filled, delicious thanksgiving