Should I mourn the loss......

As some of you know I spend a fair amount of time on twitter. And why not, it's convenient, easy to use on a laptop or phone, and provides some advertising, and connecting ability. So anyhow, in doing so, I also keep track of who follows, and who unfollows me. I like to keep my feed clean and fair. Those who unfollow me I tend ot unfollow, and or block, those who follow, if they're a potential client or a regular client, I'll follow, if a provider/escort follows, I'll follow and reciprocate likes and retweets, as I want to help them grow. So now, when I notice an unfollower was a client I've met, I smile with the thought, I'm sorry we didn't mesh, win some lose some and I hope you meet someone who'll rock your world. Of course I wasn't always this nonchalant about clients who seemingly didn't like me.In the past, I found it to be hurtful and took it personally. I now realize it should be expected. No matter how well I screen, and how wonderful my service is, and how well we seem to mesh in our conversations and with our expectations of one another, when we're intimate, sometimes things change,  and sometimes things don't go as planned for a variety of reasons. Sometimes people just don't mesh when they meet in person. 

 I also have those clients who I meet and who rebook each time they visit because we get along so well, and meet each others expectations. We just click and each visit gets better, or holds it's value.

 Every provider and client should understand that just because you think someone isn't a good match, or who is, doesn't mean anything, other than to you. It's why the review board culture is so pointless. It creates unreasonable standards of who is good and who isn't. Show me a client who believes any escort they like, should also be liked by everyone else, and I'll show you a review board regular. Show me a client who believes any escort who gets a bad review, or even one dissatisfied client, is an escort who isn't  worth their salt. Show me an escort who claims she's never had an unsatisfied client and I'll show you someone who isn't being honest. We all can be let down, we all can have bad days, we all will somehow not live up to someones expectations, those are the realities of this business. To expect perfection, that you'll be pleased just because someone else was is foolish and naive. To believe all of what you hear, is foolish, gossip is rampant in this industry, for many reasons. Be fair, be honest, and be kind, and you'll all do just fine, Happy Monday:)