Reviews and recommendations and other ramblings

This is a topic as you've noticed I speak often about and because it is a subject I'm passionate about and bears repeating. Escort review boards are the bane of 90% of escorts working today. Most will only admit this privately, as openly boycotting these sites can hurt their reputations and affect their bottom dollar. Those who dare speak out are often maligned, bullied, or disavowed by escorts and clients..... Those are issues I don't worry about, any longer. Since my inception into escorting, there has always been someone out there trying to diminish my reputation, my looks, my credibility, my intelligence, and my existence........I'm now so used to it that hearing compliments seems strange.....

When I screen my clients one question I ask is " are you a member of a review board" they answer that will determine whether or not I want to meet them. Here is an example as to why I try hard to avoid review board members (hobbyists)..... It was mentioned by a couple of airheaded "hobbyists" on the worlds trashiest review board, "sp411", that one, or a few "hobbyists", should circumvent my screening practices so they ( hobbyists) could then visit me, then it was said, "after he rubbed his jizz off my chest", tell me that "hey I'm so and so from that review board"....The airheads thought doing so, would be really funny...... Since this "mentality" is common among "hobbyists"/review board members, you can see why I'm interested in avoiding as many as possible and why the need to speak out about them exists. There are also a few good guys who are members, and who don't understand this mentality and use the boards too meet their needs, whatever those needs may be......and I will admit, you can sometimes also find useful information on them, but that benefit will never out weigh the negative issues they cause within our industry. Even "waterat"  (Waterat is the review board-"Lyla's", more prolicfic supporter, poster & self appointed escort know it all)  knows about the issues they cause, yet he  ignores and never discusses it, he only supports and touts just how wonderful "his review board, lyla is", and he can be seen regularly posting on there, stating "that no other site should be trusted, nor should any escort who isn't a member", as the quotes from him below will demonstrate, I could have posted  more, but that would take to long, there are to many lol.........

Quote/Waterat-there is a solution/resolution: use lyla.

I've seen a few ladies from leolist but they also all happen to have lyla profiles.

Lyla is always my go-to contact reference but many ladies have identified that they don't get enough interest and bookings from lyla - and there is always the issue of 'review board' (yes, I know, lyla is a recommendation board) culture and the difficulties that creates for ladies.


Many of these problems could be eliminated by the the repeal of Bill C-36 and the legalization of sex work without the government attempting to regulate it. end quote


Quote/Waterat-Simple homework, avoiding leolist and sticking with verified Lyla members is the most effective search method.end quote


and yes "Waterat", Lyla is a review board, not a recommendation board, as they themselves advertise (see this blog ) His continual efforts to convince other guys to steer clear of the advertising site leolist, and others like it, is funny to watch, since Lyla & leolist are sister companies, and one advertises the other. His misunderstanding of many of the issues we face as escorts too are frustrating. As his first quote will reveal..he states that escorting should be "legalized"..... no it shouldn't!! We want decriminalization, not legalization!!....But this is typical of any review board member, displaying bias and spreading misinformation. 

....Often times upon meeting, the clients I meet, and who aren't board members, will query me as to what a review board is...and when I simply say "they are sites where you post a review of your experience with the escort you've seen"....the looks of surprise, confusion, and just eww, always make me laugh...bear in mind, most gentlemen I meet are entrepreneurs, highly educated, getlemen who have common sense....they simply don't understand why anyone would want to post about an activity they expect to be discreet. Nor do they feel intimacy can be intimate when it's discussed on public forums and they wonder about the mindsets of those who do. The common concensus among those I see and most of the escorts I converse with is, that review boards don't serve a useful purpose and in their minds, are more harmful than beneficial......So it is frustrating to me that more escorts won't speak out publicly, yet will admit privately how much they detest them and how awful they think they are. And many of those same escorts will also gripe about me not "practicing what I preach", and I say back to them, "pot calling the kettle black"!! 

Escorting is an amazing industry that allows women to operate a buisness that they can model as their needs determine, and it gives gentlemen from all walks of life an opportunity to seek out companionship in it's many forms, in a discreet manor, yet review boards undermines all of that.....So I say to some of the escorts who won't speak openly, be the change....and to the clients who don't take part in them, thank you!