Review board vs Reco board.....

Is there a difference between a review board and the only reco board, Lyla? Some will say yes, a great deal, some will say no, a board is a board. I'm one of the latter.

Both are a "supposed community" of "hobbyists" and escorts. Both allow said "hobbyists" to post about their experiences with an escort/s. Difference is, one allows negative comments/concerns and the other allows them if they're worded inconspicuously, although that I'm sure "lyla" would deny.....Both have a general discussion area, both have an area in which escorts can read about and list troublesome clients, which, if you are a favorable escort, you'll be able to see. Both have favored and unfavorable members. Both are moderated by biased escorts and biased hobbyists. Both nurture outdated practices, and both protect their favorites. Both are sources for informatio, and both are sources of advertising. So what is the difference?

 my expereince, nothing.... a board is a board:)