Random acts of kindness////


Random Acts of Kindness Week is February 14-20, 2021.
Will you participate?
In these times it is easy to loose patience when in public and even when online, I'm guilty of that. Yet I also try hard to do the better thing, which is to stop and react with a more positive approach, to be thoughtful and kind. Not only because it feels better to do so, but because it'll make someone else feel better too. When you walk away from someone, or a stiuation knowing you've done something to improve someone's day, that has a long lasting and positive effect on all those involved. So whether it be just holding a door for someone, or buying the person in front of you their groceries, or walking their dog, running errands, or just calling someone to see how they are.....if you can, and not just for these days of "kindness", lets all work to be kinder, and to do randome acts of kindness everyday.....thanks :0)