privileged, blessed or advantaged?

I started a discussion on twitter because I was wanting to know if I was wrong with telling a relative that she is privileged for being able to achieve a high education, because she was born with a high level of intelligence. For having the type of intelligence that enabled her to earn a medical degree. Many chimed in, some seemed offended by my usage of the term privileged, as they claimed to have also achieved a high education, but they had to work hard to get it, therefore they weren't privileged. I tried to explain that I saw being born with high intelligence as being a privilege. Others felt my terminology was wrong, that my realtive had an advantage, a gift, or was blessed. Some felt those words were better suited to my query. 

Quote- "A wise man once said that the battle we're in is over the dictionary", end quote......I see privileged, blessed and advantaged as synonyms. Although being blessed has religious connotations. Others will differentiate the three. If you look up the dictionary meaning of privileged, they use advantage to describe it. It is described as a special right, advantage, or immunity afforded to a person or a group. Well isn't having a certain level of intelligence only afforded to certain people, or certain groups of people? Not everyone is intelligent enough to become a doctor, not everyone can comprehend, science, math, those subjects required to achieve a medical degree, so in my mind they have privilege.

I also understand that there are different types of intelligence, and a person is not unintelligent if they can't earn a medical degree, or achieve a high education of another sort. I have artistic abilities. I can write, draw, decorate, I am creative with makeup, etc, etc. That is a type of intelligence, and I'm privileged to have it. As those skills are not afforded to everyone. Yet I don't have the intelligence to understand the subjects required to become a doctor of any sort. Again, that is why I see having a certain level of intelligence, a privilege. But perhaps I'm looking at it all worng. It was an interesting discussion, and fun to read the comments. I'm grateful to all those who added their perspectives.

 I'm always interested in learning and hearing different views/ideas. You just have to be patient with me, as I'm hard to convince that how I think isn't always the right way to think, lol.