Once again this site contributes to inappropriateness...

Yes I'm speaking about the review board, Lyla...I won't post a link to the thread of which I speak, as that would bring more attention to it. It is a thread alerting members to the death of an escort. My anger for him doing this, and for the moderators allowing it to be posted is, I believe it is infringing on the escorts and her families privacy. I don't understand the mindset that would think this is okay. It's intrusive and insensitive. Do her friends and family know she was escorting? Would she have wanted them to know? Would that escort have wanted anyone outside of her clientelle to know? Did any of her clients even know her real name?  Many of us hide our lifestyle from some family and friends, that is our right. For another person unrealted to, or without permission to post such news, is thoughtless and imo, selfserving. 

To the guy who posted this. I'll say...you may have posted this with good intentions. Perhaps you don't understand that your post identifies her to all. Your thinking that not posting a link to her obituary, provides her and her family some privacy, is being foolish and naive. You posting her death with a link to her escort profile, outs her. How many ladies that age have died in that area recently? People can do their own searches and put 2 & 2 together. Posting this was unnecessary and inappropriate as is allowing the post to remain, Lyla moderators!!.

Update-thankfully the post has been removed. But imo a little to late. It was up long enough for numerous eyes to have seen it. Allowing them to know who the person actually was. This just solidifies my despise for review boards. They do nothing to improve escorting. They simply provide a safe place for those who've a need to post gossip, to be vindictive, to show off, and who enjoy posting their pointless comments. The boards only feed the appetites of bullies, liars, perverts and misogynists. And to be clear, men who appreciate and desire women aren't perverts. It's their actions and comments that discern a gentleman from a perv. Men that consider having sex with women, a "hobby" for example. Who gossip about the sexual activites shared, that's a perv. Men who contact an escort respectfully and then when in their presence respect their boundaries and treat the escort with consideration of their needs, and when not in their presence respect their privacy, are gentlemen.