Once again on Lyla....


True to form on this board, and once again, Lyla members gang up on ladies who aren't part of the "Lyla pack". To criticize and gossip about their competitors services. One escort even attempts to explain that because there are four ladies working together that they're then endangering the clients who visit them, because they are running a "common bawdy house". If that is the case, then any ladies sharing an incall, or who do duo's, trio's, etc, together from their incalls, are then also running a common bawdy house, right? As it's been explained to me, by a few lawyers over my years in this biz, that any location used, regardless of the number of people using it, for the purposes of prostitution, is then considered a "common bawdy house". So every client on your board who visits a lady for an incall session, is then in danger! Greenteal, you better warn Lydiahardwood!! (I say sarcastically)

I found it even more upsetting to read another escort feeling justified to openly repeat gossip from one of her clients and no one calls her out for doing so. She lamented  "her client went there etc, etc,". If he had a good or bad experience be professional enough to tell him he should be the one to recant his experience, not you. Even then, I thought negative reviews/comments weren't allowed on that site, yet here we are again with another thread being contrary to what that site promotes. When someone has a negative experience or comment, and writes about it, we only hear one side. So how does anyone know the truth of it. How do we know that the negative experience wasn't initated, or caused by the client complaining. Unless someone has been robbed, beat, or caused someone danger, or harm, there is never a justifiable reason to throw anyone under the bus. Yet again, here we are with this review board doing just that for no justifiable reason, other than to spread gossip and make assumptions. These ladies being spoken about, aren't putting anyone in anymore danger than any other escort/s running an incall. *Perhaps* they *may* be less professional, or less experienced than some.....if so, so what. Again, that isn't cause for reporting them or for placing their name in warning sections. It's angers me to see how easy it is and how comfortable some feel ruining the business of those whom they've no connection to or know. Why not try and offer advice, or support? Isn't that what your site likes to promote, how supportive and accepting they are? ( which makes me laugh, because of it's hypocrisy, which once again, this thread being allowed, shows)....

Look at it this way...... if 2,3 or 4 known Lyla ladies get a date with a client, or two, and they meet at one of the escorts locale/incall, is that not then the same scenario as what's being complained about. Is that not the same situation, Ladies grouping together to offer services out of a residence, or hotel room? Would you be so quick to report those "known" ladies, and their activity? Or does it only become questionable and reportable when services are offered by unknowns and those not popular on Lyla?

Update: Well the mods removed the quote from the escort that included the gossip she spoke of from her client. Yet they still allow Greenteal and others to blather on making assumptions and passive aggressively making negative comments. His and Bendovers referencing the "trailer park boys" is a poor attempt at making a point. The whole of that thread is filled with presumtive speculations made by people who've clearly no knowledge of criminal law regarding our industry. Shame on that site for allowing the thread to remain! Another comment made in that thread which I find funny was from Harborsmoke - he said he's been hearing rumors of underground strip clubs popping up around the city and that it seems counter productive for those ladies to be underground yet advertise.You just have to love how clients like him and others, have no issue openly gossiping about escorts activities!! This seems counterproductive to discretion!! 

And who said they were underground? It also seems counter productive for a review board and it's members to promote discretion, expect it, then in the most flagrant ways, be counter productive to it's intent. Some of Lyla's members need to consult a criminal lawyer and learn just what is legal and what is not, within this industry. Perhaps then some might pay more respect to discretion. As this industry still has sections of it still considered illegal, and yet, which are considered acceptable to be openly spoken about, taken part in, and promoted on that site.The fact that they can't see the hypocrisy in that is laughable!! So to those who still feel comfortable grouping on a public review board together to poo poo or promote the activities of sw's, remember, being discreet doesn't mean talking publicly, or spreading gossip. 


So today Lyla made the tweet below.  -and isn't it funny that in the thread this blog is about those very things are being done and with no consequence.....

 No judgement on what services I offer
 No bartering over the services I offer
 No arguing over my rates
 No judgement on what I choose to do for work

Greenteal seems to be latched onto this group of ladies and their activities for some reason. He continues to srutinize what they offer and seems incensed that they edit their ad, lol....I find this interesting because there was another group of ladies who are all Lyla members who worked together out of one incall and often at the same time. Yet he nor any other member  ever had concerns of them running a bawdy house....The double standards on Lyla are never ending.

This industry isn't very complicated, if you don't like someone, their services offered, not offered, or rates, etc, then don't visit them. But to continuously follow and then go online to yammer on about them shows an obsession, not legitimate safety concerns, imo.