Not so bad.....

A couple of days each week I now start my day with a green smoothie. My previous attempts at trying to cram all my veggies into a drink, were creating a healthy, albeit, a not so flavorful drink. This mornings was quite tasty so I'll share the recipe....keeping in mind that the amount of the ingridients are by taste and guess, not so much a specified required amount


parsley, a small handlful

1/2 cucumber

3-4 stalks celery

4 pieces of broccolli

5 leaves of romaine lettuce

1 cup chopped kale (I buy frozen so its already chopped up)

small handful of halved strawberries or whole  ( again, I buy frozen and they are already halved)

5-6 pieces of pineapple or more or less

1 apple

1 lemon peeled

3tbsp ground flax seed

1 tbsp of honey  (I buy raw)