My stance.....


On the election.....Pc goverment now rules in Nova Scotia.....and I'm not happy about that. I made a couple of posts on twitter in which I griped, and can't do much beyond that. I'll sit back now and watch things unfold. Maybe it won't be so bad, maybe it'll be worse that I expect, time will tell. I wanted NDP, because of their rent comtrol a renter that was important to me. Halifax is quickly becoming a city for the rich only. If I want to continue renting on the penisula I'll have to either work more, to make more, or buy a property, which I've never wanted to do.....I've had many opportunities throughout my years in Nova Scotia to purchase a property, but have always chosen and preferred renting. Purchasing was to finite. I could never decide where to buy, and that responsibility for me, is unwanted and overwhelming. So even though I realize renting has no financial benefits, it benefits me in other ways and works for me, even with the absurd and recents increases. So a government that makes promises to improve things for renters will always get my vote.

Harper and his cronies, namely Peter Mackay, left a stain on my memory....a stain that won't ever be erased. Pc's will never be my choice, unless they do something magical and I've never believed in magic.....

On's heartbreaking to watch what is going on. It is said with Taliban rule, women will now have to be completely covered when in public, and chaperoned by a male, but is that any different from what has been going on for centuries, and do they really want the democratic changes we've tried to bring to them?. I don't delve into this to much, so my knowledge is limited. I will say I'm against any organized religion that causes people to live lives guided by foolishness and untruths. I hate any religion that insists a need to eat particular animals and instructs killing them in ways that incurs unnecessary suffering as necessary. This angers me to no end and I see more and more of this happening here in Halifax. More and more Halal butcheries are popping up, and that disgusts me, the restaurants that serve Halal meat, disgust me, those who eat Halal meat, disgust me.....If you're stupid enough to believe that in order to gain respect from a make believe God you need to make another innocent being suffer, you're in my opinion, an idiot, and on my do not want to know list and if you and yours who follow such beliefs suffer, so what and who cares!.

The BC fires..... I've donated to the charities helping out, namely, animal charities that help rescue wildlife and displaced domestic animals. I have empathy for what people have lost and endured, but my heart will always break for what animals suffer. They can't escape without human intervention, nor ask for help, like we can. It's all very devastating.

On the pandemic.....I appreciated all the help the Liberals offered those in need. I never begrudged anyone who used Cerb as it was intended, nor any of the other help the government offered. I often commented online against those who'd make negative comments about those monies creating lazy people, people who no longer wanted to work. Imo, it gave people a lifeline to remaining housed and fed. concerning mask... I believe in masking. I always wear one and have had a few civil arguments with educated people who feel they don't do what is claimed. I also believe in the Vaccines, and I am double vaccinated. I'll also get boosters if recommended. I also respect those who don't believe in vaccines. That is their right, although I do feel, not vaccinating is being selfish, and thoughtless towards fellow citizens.

On global warming.... to be brief and's real, happening and man caused. If you're not doing your part to help change things, and especially if you have children, you too are an idiot, and on my do not want to know list.