There has been a lot of commotion in the last couple of days (see twitter feed) concerning an escort out of BC being responsible for Leolist losing it's processing abilities to accept cash and or cc payments, Vip favors as well (they are sister co's). This caused some of us to panic a bit as many aren't familiar with cryptocurrency, or what I call "space" money. I think it reminded many of last spring, when backpages was taken out...they too had changed from accepting cc's and went the crypto route. Although with leoslist, it's a different scenario altogether. Many on boards are saying different things, eluding to the cause as being simply no processors wanting to deal with anyone affiliated with the escort industry.So for those of us who advertise, using crypto currency may be the new normal.  Which isn't a comfortable situation as it's a volatile market and never relaible, imo. But like anything time will tell which direction different sites take. 

For those wondering what other sites are safe to use and where other escorts advertise, I always say google the city you're in ..ex: when in Halifax google Halifax escorts, Moncton-google Moncton escorts,etc, etc. Different links will apprear, look thru a few. If you see a lady that is advertising on more than one or two, you should be assured she's real and  safe to see. Another thing to look for are ladies with personal websites. Those of us who put time and money into our advertising will certainly be safe to see and know of other escorts we'd also be happy to recommend.

Some others reliable sites you can find many of us... and in no particualr order


vip favors

massage republic


city of love