just a blog.....

Ever have one of those days....I did. It started well, had the day preplanned, then .......and most of the shit storm that followed was because of my stupidity and errs. 

I had a gentlemen prebook an appt for that day....which I had confused for that evening. Had a regular call to book and booked him, but had to cancel because of reasons beyond my control. So...later in the day, my prebooked called to confirm....and he was so very understanding. We rebooked for early evening. Mean while I was trying to reshedule my regular so he'd be happy too. And that did work out. BUT.... at some point during my regular leaving and me waiting for my prebooked date, I put my phone on "airplane mode"......how that happened?? I couldn't tell you...so needless to say, I once again missed my prebooked date. UGH!!! It was near 830 pm,  I received a phone call from a gentleman in Sydney Nova Scotia...upon answering that call  my phone alerted me that the "mode" was on and that I had missed x number of texts.....btw, the person calling was doing so to alert me to the fact that there was an ad in the Sydney, gigs and jobs section of leoslist that was using my name and pics!! Adding another issue to my ridiculously  messed up day, lol. So I called my prebooked appt to apologize, and I have to admit, I was embarrassed to do so...... and to my surprise, he was very understanding, sweet, kind and booked for the next day.......and thankfullly so. One of the niceest guys ever!!

So the point of this blog....it's a teaching moment for me. It has shown me that no matter how bad I mess up, there are those who are patient, understanding and who can be forgiving. That worse things can happen. We all err from time to time. How we respond to those errs is more important then the mistakes made, I think.It is also nice to know that there are also those who watch out for myself and other escorts. So to them, I say thank you, thank you, thank you!! And because of you, I too will show more patience and understanding. Have a beautiful Thursday:)