I opened a can of worms.....

 Daily, I'm faced with men contacting me, who are disagreeable, argumentative, pushy and rude. So out of frustration, I made a post on twitter. These men have one thing in common besides their bad behaviors, that is their ethnicity. The post read " I'm now tempted to write on my ads "No Indian men". 9 of 10 of them are menaces. I hate to be so blatant, but how else can one eliminate those who time and time again prove themselves to be awful clients".......I agree it's not worded well. Many of my comments often are poorly worded, especially when written in haste and out of frustration. I was wanting to differentiate that group of men, from others, because they are the majority of those who contact me, and the majority of those who are the hardest to deal with, in my experience, and I wanted a way to stop them from contacting me. It had become overwhelming and so common, I had to generalize. I'm well aware that there are troublesome clients from all races, but in my experience, the overwhelming amount that I get are Indian men. I have never had this many bad experiences with other races, being as consistent or as repetitive in their bad behaviors, as it's been with Indian men. Of course I've also met a few great Indian men, and it's common sense to know many more exist, but the majority of them must be contacting all those escorts who claim me to be a racist, and "that all their best clients are wonderful Indian men". Because those who are contacting me, are routinely rude, crude, argumentative, starlkerish, difficult and unwilling to screen. When the same thing happens, with the same types of people, over and over and over again, we will all generalize, eventually. Those who say differently, speak for fan fare and self righteousness, not to be honest. On another note, no one was bothered by me not wanting to see women. I advertise to men only, apparently they don't see that as discriminatory....I'm allowed to choose which sex I can be intimate with, I just can't mention race, lol.

 As a result of my post, all the right fighters, racist fighters, discrimination fighters, and podium pounders, came out to proclaim me racist, hateful, and as one "idiot" said-quote- " I see you're already older and not very attractive so I understand why you don't screen heavily because you will lose clients and you pretty much see anybody that contacts you. Maybe screen a little bit to weed out the time wasters and haggles just my opinion"-end quote...... So....apparently I'm not only a racist, I'm also an improper screener, well, an unattractive and old, improper screener. LOL!!  The funniest part of that remark, besides it's obvious stupidity, was allowing me access to her 32 followers so I  could block those who follow her stupidity. In particular, a local escort, who unfollowed me, and followed that idiot. This local escort, had proven her character previously in a phone chat, in which she gossiped about and demeaned other escorts, and claimed to know everyone. So it didn't surprise me that she'd want to follow such an idiot. As they say, great minds think alike and birds of a feather, flock together....... She certainly is no loss. I should have disconnected with her after our phone conversation.

 The poster of that quote proclaims herself to be a racist fighter, and is going around twitter, so she proclaims, "to save everyone from racist sex workers", all while posting from an anonymous account.....She is apparently to cowardly to identify herself. Anyhow, her new supporter,  the local escort who unfollowed me, and her crew, I hope will be happy in one anothers company. Perhaps they can help grow that idiots followers.....All while they gossip about those they, with one face, befriend, and with the other, demean. One thing I've learned from this is that there are a lot of hypocritical escorts. They portray themselves one way online, and as another way in person. As one person said, many of those raging at me claiming I'm racist, probably have "no black men" listed in their ads!!

Being honest about my personal experiences within sex work, never comes easy, nor without discourse or without receiving vitriol from those who need their 15 secs of fame, and to preach from their pedestal, how their experiences are not like mine, and that they've never had the issues I'm having, blah, blah, blah.... When I posted about not wanting clients under 30yrs, many flocked to say how wonderful younger men were, and that some of their best clients were younger.....In this case, concerning Indian men, many flocked to say how wonderful Indian men were, and how some of them were their best clients, LOL!! What they think that proves, or why they think their experiences have anything to do with mine, still baffles me. I do know if they experienced the kind of discord, nuisance, rudeness, and other foolishness, day in and day out, they'd be singing a different tune. When a certain group of people prove themselves to be consistently hard to deal with and a nusiance, how else can one react other than to want to eliminate contact from them all. What else can be done to reduce the influx of inquiries I get from them? If everyone were to be honest, they'd admit that we all make generalizations, right or wrong, good or bad, based on our own experiences. And of course, not one person on that twitter thread could give a helpful answer as to how to stop or help end the contacts, other than to brag about how comprehensive their screening methods are. Which insinuates mine are not! All some could do was to chastise me for grouping all Indian into one category of being bad clients, when in fact that is my fucking experience!!. Something I found funny, from the comments, particularly from the comment made by the "idiot", were the comments about screening. I've mentioned on twitter in a previous thread, a while back, about how all escorts should screen. And I received discourse and vitriol for that too. I was told that "those of us who can screen are privileged, and the minority," lol. That not all escorts have the ability to screen, and that we should be understanding towards those who can't". Those very same people who said that, were some of the very people critquing me for sounding racist.

 Those who've met me know I screen well. That I won't meet a client unless he provides photo id, plus another form of proving their identity, and then I require a phone conversation.To determine our compatibilty. I have other methods of screening also, that I sometimes use. So to insinuate that I don't screen, or that I don't screen well enough, is hilarious, and stupid! I turn clients away daily because many won't screen and yes most are Indian men!!.

It never ceases to amaze me how many escorts will jump onto a thread/topic that is controversial and use it for their "podium/pedestal moment", their moment to be the savior, the right fihter, all while clearly being a hypocrite and an attention seeker. Like one lovely lady said, "many of our peers are fake people, and it's best to stay in our own lanes, like a race horse".....how right she is. 

It was sad to see how some felt comfortable dm'ing me to utter their support, and to comment how they too experience what I've been experiencing with Indian men, yet not comfortable enough to voice their opinion openly in the thread. I was upset at one man who dm'ed me and included that he was of a monority and didn't feel my post was racist. I told him to mention that online, and he proceded to say something totally different, albeit still somewhat supportive. I understand the cost of speaking openly and honestly, and I also understand that some can take backlash, others can't. Some can afford to lose the followers remarking on controversial topics brings, others can't. So I understand them wanting privacy and I thank them any how for their support.To those who enjoy being hateful, instead of being helpful, I hope your days ahead are kinder to you.

I have since locked my twitter account and deleted the post. This morning I had two idiots commenting to me, both claim to be saving the internet from people like me, one once again, an anon account with 0 followers, the other some good doer, wannabe super hero, claiming that my profile pictures are taken from another website, and his follower list was 26.....I can handle discourse and vitriol, I can't stand dealing with crazy people, and liars. So I reluctantly decided to somewhat seal that can of worms. .....Moving on.....