How sad.... These forums make it easy for anyone to see who has empathy and compassion and who enjoys making fun of those in obvious despair.

I've so much to say, but I don't want to turn this post into a book. So I'll say this. Anyone who puts themselves at such risk is hurting and or, so completely naive to sti's that they need help and guidance. Either way, they need help!! Making fun of them, and or openly condemning them will do nothing but make their situation worse. If you truly cared, you'd reach out to her and offer help.

 Often times, when an escort is said to be offering bbfs, clients and escorts alike jump on a band wagon to bash the escort. They immediately see the person as vile and evil. No understanding is afforded them. Which is so hypocrital and cruel as in some of these cases it was someone (a client or another escort) who has convinced the "offending" escort to offer the bbfs. In this passion fest we all take risk, to accept some risk and condemn another is imo also hypocritical, but that argument would lead to a very long blog.......

Instead of condemning someon how about trying to be more understanding. Instead of preaching how about educating, instead of publicly shaming, how about you clean up your yard before you critque someone elses.

These client and escort martyrs that jump onto their high horses and make these public announcements about who is doing what to whom, should stop and think......we are all seeing multiple people, we are all adults knowingly taking risks. If you see someone doing something you don't like, act like a grown up and simply avoid them.