Happy New year!!

I'm so excited to welcome in a new year. I expect 2022 to surpass 2021, in only good ways. I've had a few struggles in the past year, but thankfully they were only minor. And I believe they were minor because of how I reacted to them, not because they were insignificant. I've learned anything can be overcome, especially when you understand what deserves attention, what does not, and what is important in life. 

My clients have been wonderful, and their return visits have solidified just how appreciated I am by many. I hope they feel as appreciated by me. In my years of escorting I've learned that many clients seek escorts out as much for the intimacy of a personal connection, as much as some do for simple sexual gratification. People crave to be with a person who will accept them as they are, with whom they can confide honestly without judgement. And with whom they can trust to hold all their intimacies privately.Sex is fun on it's own.Yet when someone decides to share their inner secrets, deepest desires and their bodies, that connection surpasses just a sexual one. It bonds two people and makes the sexual intimacy more profound. I say profound, because even as close as we can become connecting with oneanother mentally, soulfully, and physically, there are still boundaries that are not crossed, and that understanding, makes such relationships, imo, profound .

So to all who read this, may your New Year be filled with memorable connections, fun, happiness and much prosperity. Happy 2022!!