Guys please..

If you're going to go on a review board to ask questions about an escorts legitimacy, imo, you're being lazy. All escorts can be researched. Either by image searching our pictures, phone number, personal websites, or if the escort allows them, by researching their reviews/recommendations, and more importantly by contacting the escort in the manner the escort requests and having a conversation with that person. If after doing all those things you still can"t decide if you *should* see the escort, then imo, it's best to not. But if you must ask quesions on those boards, PLEASE remember: Some escorts do use stock photos, and thank you to Greenteal for pointing out that doing so isn't a reason to dismiss an escorts legitimacy. They're used to protect the identity of some escorts and as has been said, as long as they're respresentative of the escorts appearance, the usage of stock photos shouldn't be questioned. If the escort doesn't respond to your contact, move on. Don't infer that because the escort hasn't responded, that the escort is then unreliable, or not real. There probably is good reason. We also do our research, and if you contact us in a manner we don't accept that could justify you being ignored, ghosted or blocked. Or we may not like what you write under your "hobby" name. There are valid reasons for an escort not responding to you. So mentioning you've been ghosted, ignored or not replied to, isn't beneficial to anyone, unless the reason for it happening is known and mentioned. Personally, I do not respond to and block those who text me, instead of calling, and I won't call back anyone who's left call back instructions, if a certain amount of time has passed. If after a conversation, I ignore you, then you've given me cause. How you speak, your tone, wording, questions asked, etc, can be enough to earn you an ignore/block or even being ghosted. Please, if you use a review board, and have a "handle" ( an alias name used on the board), mention that when contacting us. Hiding the fact that you're a member is dishonest and shows you've a nefarious agenda, or something to hide. Please remember to use your big head when wanting information about someone and the best person to answer questions about an escort, is always the escort. When you contact us, speak politely, professionally, and in full sentences. No one wants to hear crude, illiterate language. Last but not least, we all have bad days, think about that before you've a need to go onto a review board to throw someone under the bus.