Get your popcorn ready.....

I will start by saying thank you to all those who have been supportive and who have kept me abreast of all that has been said on that pathetic, trashy review board, sp411, and as much as I know you've my best interests in mind, I didn't want to know what the cowards and goofs who flock to that site to post their crap were/are saying, nor should you care. As you'll notice, most of the demeaning comments and lies are posted by those to cowardly to even use a "fake name". Instead, they hide behind their computers while using an "unregistered/anonymous" one. I did try the other day to register on that site, (big eye roll), so I could address directly some of the posters, specifically the one who has threatened me, and as expected, lol, they didn't allow that. Had the cowards been spewing the typical crap about my looks or age, I would have let it alone, but threaten me or lie about me you'll then get an reaction.....this time. I've copied and pasted the comments and my replies to them, here. In the future, please don't text, call or email me to alert me to anymore of them, as I'm not interested in replying to or wanting to know about of any of their stupidity, irregardless of what is being said. Let the cowards and the idiots spew their crap to one another, it's apparently how they get off and the trademark of that garbage review board sp411..... 

So today's blog is a continuation from this blog.. and this one   ......

I've started from the comments on page two, since the other blogs addressed most of the first page.......

Comment from unregistered #1-Sad to watch an old dog fall apart and unravel right in front of you but here we are.

My reply- Ruff, Seems like the only ones falling apart and offended by anything I've said are the "unregistered's", that goof Vegeta85, gogofmagog, islander, mouse, levi and peiguy55.....poor wittle fellows.

Comment from unregistered #2-Just a heads ups gentlemen. This unstable disgruntled courtesan is making concerted efforts to out those she deems are her anonymous critics. Beware disclosing your personal information to this lady or (more importantly) to those that she associates with.

You have been warned.

My reply- LOLOLOLOLOL. Oh my gosh.....the levels some stoop to and crap they contrive is just unreal.....Every couple of years some troll crawls out of the woodwork to try and convince people that I'm doing something nefarious or that I'm unattractive, or some other foolishness. And they always do it anonymously, without proof of anything ( because never is there ever anything to prove). It would be nice if just once, one of these lying cowards would have the courage to say this shit to my face. And isn't it ironic that this coward, chose this site, which is known for outing escorts and then charging the escorts a fee to have their information removed, to whine on. The idiots just get more idiotic with each passing year.......

Comment from unregistered #3- Yes and judging by the amount time she spends tweeting, reading forums, and blogging she can't be getting many clients. Must be awful to be so bitter and cantankerous.

My reply- Must be awful to be so bothered by me that you've a need to follow all my activities, then come on here and post admitting that you keep track of what I do online, lol. Must be awful to be so bitter and cantankerous, lol. ..... And why *are you* bothered by how I spend my time and why are you so concerned as to how many cients I see or don't see? The wonderful thing about this stage of my life is I get to *choose* how I spend my time and with whom. Apparently that is a foreign concept to you..... are a person that is pissed, because I *can* spend my time as I choose, and you can"t. 

Comment from  PEIGUY55- Meh, whatever. Damn right I check here before booking. Save wasting time sitting in a parking lot waiting for an agency girl that's had their Booker double stacking appointments. Or avoiding the akward backing away slowly from the tweaker or dragon chaser whos advertising with pics from 10 years and 50 lbs ago.

At a certain point, usually 28 the metabolism catches up with lifestyle. Anyone who is going to escort past 35 and make a serious go of it has to understand unless they are in toronto vancouver calgary filling a very niche market theyll have to spit shine the personality just as much as hitting the gym and or esthetician an possibly plastic surgeon as well as cater to the more mature gentlemen.

If Christy can still get her 350/hr 2 hr minimum for basic service only because of covid fair game. She just has to understand during an economic depression theres a lot more girls 18-24 willing to do far more for less dollars.

My reply- Well your misogyny isn't evident is it, lol. To clarify, my hourly rate is 320-not 350, and sorry to disappoint you and a few others, I do and will still get that rate and I get it because there are intelligent men out there who realize that escort rates increase with time, just like everything else does.. Many also appreciate a mature women, which seems to be a hard concept for some of you to understand, lol. Your comment about metabolism is just to foolish to even respond far as caterting to a more mature gentleman, I hope I do, since that is to whom I direct my advertising......and I'll fill you in on a little secret. I haven't always been this age, when I was a younger escort, I also catered to "more mature gentleman", as do many "younger" escorts today. Because "more mature gentlemen" are less problematic, usually more respectful, most often, the ones less likely to complain about our fees and always the ones who read our ads/websites and who'll also follow our contact protocol. So to all the "older gents" I'm more than happy to keep you company. Thank you Peiguy55, for allowing some of us to know exactly how narrow minded and lopsided your opinions of escorts and escorting are.

Commnet from unregistered #4-She's definitely spent money on plastic surgery but it looks like she went to the Giant Tiger of plastic surgeons. Did a good job on the boobs, but facial work isn't this surgeon's strong point!

Oh, and probably not that smart of her to try to out people who know where she lives? Never know, some dude might just snap during these crazy Covid days. Can't say I'd care that much because I'm a happy bachelor, but those dudes with wives and families, I wouldn't want to push them over the edge.

My reply-Good lord another idiot who thinks they're a doctor, lol.....Look, everyone and anyone is entilted to an opinion concerning my looks, but when you frame it as a fact, and not an opinion, as you have, your opinion becomes nothing more than obvious slander by an agenda driven coward. I'm sorry to inform you but my face is the creation of my mom, and dad and no doctor can be credited for any part of it, at least not yet, lol. As far as me "trying" to out people. If I were to out anyone, I'd do it, I wouldn't try, you idiot, and everyone would know. Because I'm not a coward, unlike you.... I author all I do or say,....and obviously people know where my incall is you dimwit, I'm an escort, and any escort who invites any client into her incall should know once she has done that, that is the end of that incall remaining private. Because review board idiots like you and others here are KNOWN for being indiscreet and thinking it's cute to share escort info. Now crawl back into your hole, you idiot.

Comment from Vegeta85- Exactly! I have had my money stolen, time wasted in multiple ways, even had an escorts boyfriend send me threats. The fact that Christy can't understand why a guy would come to an escort review board looking for recommendations speaks volumes of, not only her intellect, but also her empathy for others.

Mt reply-Not this idiot again, lol !!! If you noticed, this goof has inserted himself into this thread multiple times. He just can't help having to insert himself into every comment on not just this thread, and this board, but most on lyla as well. Not many crave attention like this idiot, so much so that he brags about being to be a "cunnilingus expert" on his profile page....and bragging to other escorts, lol! Is he a teenager? Does he really think that'll win him favors from the women he pays.....good lord, lol!!! ......and to answer his question, I do understand why guys go to a review boards. My disdain for the boards has been brought about by members like yourself, and threads like this one, on sp411. The garbage the boards attract, perpetuate and support has so twisted the boards into something unrecognizeable to their original point, they now do more harm than good. They've ruined themselves, with the help of idiots like yourself, that is. Keep posting..... Every one of your posts speaks volumes about your obvious immaturity, lack of understanding about women, escorts in particular, and too just how fragile your ego is.

Comment from unregistered#5-maybe her service is so bad, she doesnt want it out. Still havent seen anyone admit they went to see her after the post asking.

My reply- Big eye roll!!...Now aren't you a genious. Yeah, sure, everyone of us who ask not to be reviewed  do so because we provide terrible service. Sure genious, that is what having a no review policy is all about. Lol, who makes these idiots........

Comment from unregistered #6-Waterat got roasted by this sweetheart of a woman in her blog.

My reply-Oh dear, bring in the calvary, call the my blog I speak about things that irk me, things that make me laugh, things that interest me. People that irk me, people that interest me, etc, etc. If you are going to post crap on a review board and are a male, yet speak as though you know it all about escorts or escorting, you are very likely to be commented about here and by me....if you consider that being roaated, then so be it. And thank you for considering me a sweet heart, I like to think I am:)

Comment from unregistered #7-Cristy, I know your narcissistic personality compels you to check this thread daily. Please be assured your veiled threats to squash my anonymity have not gone unnoticed. Well done on your sleuthing skills.

Please note: ANY attempt to reveal my identity to my detriment via your blog or Twitter will result in untold misery for you personally and your anonymity. I too have done some snooping, us boys like to talk as well. It's a small world when it comes to sex workers and those that frequent them. I know EXACTLY who you are and where your incall is located.

You would be amazed at what an unstable JOHN that has lost everything is capable of. Keep up your games and you will need to print this thread with the associated IP addresses and head over the the HRP.

My reply-Well looky here, some goof from behind his computer has the balls to threaten me.....As far as me making "vieled threats" if I were going to "threaten" anyone I'd be doing it face to face. So mister tough guy, I'll leave my door unlocked for you and anyone else who'd like to stop by. And no, nothing about you surprises me, you are as predictable as predictability.

Comment from Islander- Here's your chance, gog, shes coming back in November
Think I'll pass..

My reply- Lol, this guy just has to keep inserting himself into the comments....He is someone who I commented to in the other blogs. It appears that talking back to this guy twists his panties so much so that he just can't let go of the fact that I could care less, that he doesn't want to visit with me. Read this thread, he says it over and over and over again, lol. He continually says " I don't want to see her", "think I'll pass".....So I now have to wonder, who he is trying to convince himself, or me, lol!!!

Comment from Gogofmagog-

For the gentleman who enjoys fine dining.....

I have no specific date set, but as long as the weather cooperates, I'll be returning at some point, in the month of November. I hope to be reaquainted with many of my former friends and to meet a few new ones too. Sp411 members need not reply.....

For more details please refer to my lovely website or my twitter page @cristylonglegs

To contact me and too receive a response call-click to view-0414-texts/private/app numbers are ignored.

Please know that I screen ALL my clients and hold their discretion paramount

See you soon!!

My reply- Look at this dear soul, wasn't it nice of him to advertise for me. He printed out my leolist ad......oh my bad, lol. He wasn't doing it to help me, he apparently is angry because how dare I print in my ad "sp411 members need not reply." Isn't it awful when an escort decides there are certain people she doesn't want to see and she makes that known. How dare I!!!! Oh gog, you appear to be losing it. You post as an unregistered, now

Comment from Levi-I've just read this thread....WOW too funny. Speaking of.... when she quotes people and the person correctly types "too" she should really correctly type it as well and not "to"

My reply-Ooppsy, so sorry Levi. As you've noticed I'm a flawed person, and sometimes my usage of the word *to* does falter. Please forgive me....

Comment from Levi-Holy shit, she's not doing herself any favours with this back and forth drivel. In fact, personally I believe she's her own worst enemy. Lithium may help.

My reply-Did anyone ask for your personal opinion? And fill me in on this "Lithium", it sounds like you've experience with it. 

Comment from Vegeta85-So SP411 members need not apply eh? In her mind, merely being a member of this board makes you a terrible person period. I wonder how she can be sure that a guy she sees isn't a member. He could just tell her that he's never heard of it and that he hates review boards or whatever the fuck. How would she know if he was lying?

My reply-So you can now read my mind?'s called intuition. Review board guys give themselves away, lol.

Comment from Levi-That was the first thing I thought. The second was, wouldn't it be hilarious if a member does that and at the end says to her that they are a member?!!

My reply-So is this what lithium does? The fact that you and vegeta85 think that being deceitful is appropriate and funny, speaks volumes. You and he, are perfect examples as to why review boards and some of their members should be avoided.

Comment from Vegeta85-Helps her clean his spunk off her chest and says, "Oh by the way..."

It's odd that she hates Trump because, like Trump, she seems to be a narcissist. It wouldn't surprise me if she colours her face orange and sports a combover.
My reply-I'm just going to surmise Vegeta85.... that there truly is something wrong with you.
Comment from unregistered #8-Please excuse my unregistered post. I'm just following the lead of most of the other posters here. I have to admit I've never met this Miss Longlegs so I can't speak to her looks or quality of her services. Although after reading this thread I have to assume there are a few "unstable Johns" (another posters words not mine) in this thread, and not just the one guy who referred to himself as an "unstable John" and good on him for admitting he has issues. If I had lost everything and considered myself unstable I'm not sure I'd be able to admit it openly here, even as an unregistered. He and the others who seem disgruntled, bothered and threatened by an escort who some of you referred to as past her prime, old, irrelevant and clientless seems rhetorical. If she is as you all describe then why react? Why are you reading her ads, her blog and anything else she puts out? The fact that any of you are bothered by her suggests to me that she is relevant, and is worth knowing and those of you who are reacting to whatever she has written are just a bunch of disgruntled "Johns"( another persons wording not mine) looking for retribution against an escort who won't see them and btw, I've yet to meet another guy who refers to any escort as a courtesan especially when posting here. So I suspect at least one of the unregistered posters here is a female. Levi, feel free to correct my writing, I won't be offended. Poor writing is the least of my faults and certainly not one of hers. I find her writings entertaining, articulate, informative and now after this thread, I better understand some of her points. My interest is certainly piqued and I'm sure this post will now put me on some hit list by the Miss Longlegs hating crew, lmao.
My reply-Well this is a surprise, lol. Thank you!
Comment from Islander-I think the vast majority of us want some value for our hard earned money. How many of us have gone to see a lady, and shelled out a lot of hard earned money , only to be treated like shit, promised the sun and moon, only to be treated like an ATM..

I'm not sure what christy has against us asking for a reference, She likes to ask for references, why cant we. 300 bucks is a lot of money. I dont mind parting with it one bit if im going to like what Im getting. But to shell out that kind of coin, for subpar service is to say the least, a piss off.

Thats why we ask.

Why do we post when service is bad? for the same reason. to warn other guys to keep their hard earned bucks.

Sorry if it offends you Christy, but thats my point of view., Would have loved to have spent an hour with you, but oh well.

Hope you find lots of guys willing,
My reply-Again with this guy, lol.......Firstly, This "hard earned money" crap is just that. I get sick and tired of guys justifying their put downs and other crap with the comment about them losing their "hard earned money". We are a luxury, if you can't afford to shell out the costs associated with visiting escorts, then don't visit them. Justifying anything with that comment "hard earned money", just makes you or anyone using it, sound pathetic. Secondly, you asking some other "guy" if he has seen me, as a way of determining anything is so far different than me asking another escort for a reference, it's beyond resonable to even compare. You know it as well as anyone else, coming to sp411, especially, and asking "has anyone seen her" is just to here the crap you know will follow, and not because you are sincere in needing to be assured of being safe. Just by reading my ads, my website, social media or any other well advertised professional escorts, would tell any *intelligent* person *without an agenda*,  that we are professional, real and safe to see. Thirdly, some guy posting that an escorts service was bad, means nothing. Bad service could be because of the client, or caused by many reasons. If he posts she stole from him, that he was scammed, etc, that is different. But tell me, how is that proven, how do we know when some guy posts about being scammed/robbed, etc, that he actually was. How do we know he isn't just being vindictive......I find it very odd that some of you guys find so much value nd put so much trust in "some guys" opinion of an escort he claims to have seen, yet you question the value, and trustworthiness of the vary women you want to be intimate with.....that is very odd! Here is a tip. Read an escorts ads, (notice I said ads, not ad pros advertise on more than one platform) read their website, social media accounts, then speak to the person. If after all that you still need reassurence from some random guy about who you should see, then rethink what you are doing and instead, get a box of kleenex and some porn. 
Comment from the Mouse-Like the Unregisturd poster said, he has not seen her so his post is nothing but bullshit.
My reply-Why does his post mean nothing, because it isn't as negative as the rest, lol. And if you are going to hold that opinion, then I guess it should also be concluded, that none of the comments in this thread are valid, and are all bullshit, since you, nor anyone, truly knows if any of the posters has actually seen me. 
Comment from Delroylee-None of us have seen her.
I think her views on escort boards and their members are valid if that’s been her experience.
Comments here on her age and looks only reinforce her opinions.
My reply-Exactly, and thank you.