Clients hush!

To those who think they've the power to control an escort either because of their posting abilities, or because of the size of their wallets, think again. There are some of us who control all of what we offer and do......and try as you might, you'll never change that!


What do you call it when a man tells a woman what to do with her body, or with anything? What do you call it when a woman is told to sell her body in a particular way, for a certain fee, or for a specific amount of time? Can you think of another industry in which it's largest percentile of clients are male, and whose services sought are sold by mostly females? Where in this same industry, those male clients, then form forums so they can have a public place to post their thoughts and comments about these women with intent to control how the services are offered? Where the clients/customers also rate and review these women, and then use that perceived power to intimidate the women into succumbing to the customers demands? Can you think of another industry where there is a forum that accepts and allows it's customers to comment on it's service providers personal issues, locations, how they dress, their looks, what they offer, how, where, etc? Can you think of another business/industry where the customer feels comfortable, even entitled to, calling the business owner to suggest the rates charged are to high and should be what that customer deems fair ? 

In the escort industry, these types of customers often refer to themselves as being a "hobbyist" and the forums they post on are review/recommendation boards. All the formentioned happens there and because of them, and by some, is considered to be acceptable and the norm. I consider those types of clients, entitled bullies, some even act like pimps. One such entitled client is represented in this thread  This "boomer01" is a client who with no issue will call/text/email an escort he wants to see, and will then negotiate her rate to what he can afford. This very client has no issue with posting personal details about an escort he knows. This very client seems to have no boundaries he won't cross. Even if this is not done with ill intent, it is problematic and causes issues. And his comment in the fore mentioned thread about name changes, is just another example of an entitled client making a generalization and summation as to how we shouldn't operate. "Escorts are bad if they change their name". I suppose he added, the "it's not always the case" into his comment because he has postively reviewed those who've changed their names and doesn't want to look hypocritical, lol. One of his favorite ladies was even quoted as saying, "change is good".....Listen.....Escorts change. We change our phone numbers, our names, our locales and sometimes even our rates. We have that right! Escorts get to do that. Especially when we're independent entrepeneurs. As such, how we run our business is up to us, not you. If you don't like those changes, or how we run our business, to bad. There will always be other customers who will like and appreciate it. As much as there may be "hobbyists" commenting to and posting reviews about us and our services, in hopes of enacting change, there are even more escorts ignoring them, and changing only when or if we decide.

 In an industry that offers a service that is as individual and as personal as ours is, expecting everyone you want to visit to operate as you expect, is foolish, entitled and arrogant. In our industry, there is no norm, nor no right or wrong way to run an escort business. The only way to run *your* escort business, is in such a way, that you the escort, are comfortable with doing.  So if you the customer, client, or hobbyist, doesn't like how a provider/escort operates their business, find one who suits your needs. Using boards/forums to post your negative comments, assumptions, and thoughts, with hopes of intimidating some escorts into cowering to your whims, or needs, is bullyish and pimpish and shouldn't be tolerated by anyone, and certainly won't be by me!