100 ways escorts can support one another

One of the lovely ladies I follow on twitter wrote a very thoughtful, important and heart felt blog, she has allowed me to share here, She has outlined 100 ways we can help and support one another....take a moment to read it and more importantly, put into action some or all of the suggestions made.  Thank you Audrey. Imagine if we all put into action these suggestions, how much better things could be and how much stronger, wiser, happier, and more productive we all will become.......


Every escort out there would do better if instead of seeing their peers as competition saw them as partners in business. I'm not speaking about those escorts who do support each other because they're friends, or who do duo's together, etc. I'm speaking about escorts supporting all other professional escorts. Imagine if we respected our clients enough that when they wanted to see another escort we recommended another lady not simply because we liked her, or hung around her, or because we wanted that escort to gain that client. We put our feelings aside and reco'ed another escort because she fit that clients criteria....that is imo, just good business practice and a practice I have followed for years. There are a few ladies I truly dislike, for various reasons, but some of them treat their clients well and hold a professional appearance, so I'd reco them if they were the type my client were seeking......Unfortunately to many in this business, especially in Halifax, hold grudges, and harbour jealousy....which I believe is fed by the review boards, and their prolific posters, who seek to cancel some escorts  and idolize others. Many escorts fall prey to those types of clients......So many escorts in this industry also hate that they're in this industry, and the artifice of having to advertise and act as though they love it, often manifests jealousy and other negative reactions towards those of us who genuinely enjoy being an escort and escorting. Yes it would be a better industry, if more people were thoughtful, understanding and kind, without bias. If greed, jealously, and contempt didn't exist. But escorts are human beings and when you mix humans with business, those negative feelings and reactions often rear their ugly heads......But good intentions and caring thoughts can also manifest positive reactions, which is what I hope Audrey's thoughtful suggestions will do.